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  1. My wedding ceremony started at 5:00 pm and my reception was scheduled to start at 7:00pm. We were running late so the reception didn't start until 7:30 pm. I HIGHLY recommend bringing in some extra lighting whether that be through your centerpieces or maybe lights under the table. It can get very dark and I can imagine the other beach is even more darker.
  2. Well there are a few positives and negatives to Hitmitsu Beach. Positives are: you will have plenty of lighting for your reception, bathrooms are super close, and the bar is literally foot steps away. Negatives are: You will see people having dinner while your reception is taking place so you will definitely have some on lookers. This was not a big deal to me as long as I didn't have any wedding crashers. When me and my husband arrived at our reception the DJ announced us to all of our guest and everyone at the restaurant stood up and cheered too. It was kind of nice to see all of their enthusiasm and smiles plus throughout the remaining days we were at the resort, people recognized us and congratulated us.
  3. My ceremony was at 5:00 pm and reception started at 7:30 pm. I had my reception at Hitmitsu Beach which has plenty of lighting. I also purchased the lights that went under the tables for an additional $25.00 each - well worth the money! My centerpieces included lighting as well so overall the reception was very lit up. Let me know if you have any other questions. Jennifer
  4. Hello Ladies, I recently was married at dreams cancun on May 31st. I hired outside photographer Juan Navarro who was well worth the money and outside videographer Mike Cantarell. If any of you ladies have questions feel free to ask.
  5. Hello Sashakristine, Don't worry I was in the exact same position as you were! I upgraded a lot and decided to just a la carte everything and bring a lot of my own decorations which saved me a ton! I hired an outside photographer and videographer and brought my own gifts, chair sashes, linens, centerpieces and even brought my own bouquet. If you need any help please don't hesitate to reach out to me I know how stressful things can be and all the advice I got on this forum was really a big help for me. I posted pictures on this string if you scroll back a page or two you can see pictures from my wedding. My email is [email protected]
  6. I brought my own chair sashes and centerpieces. The hotel set-them both up for me and there is no additional charge for this so no worries
  7. If your wedding is in July the wedding coordinator should have already sent you a contract (quote) with the total cost. If they haven't I highly advise you to give them a call and send emails until they respond. I know they get really busy over there but you should already know what the wedding is going to cost you. When you arrive at the resort you will meet with the wedding coordinator and you will go over all the details of the wedding. This is when you will make a final payment on the wedding since it must be paid in full prior to the event. As far as extras, I took my own centerpieces, fans, chair sashes and OT bags and saved TONS of money by doing this! I wouldn't bring anything else then what you already plan to bring because it's really not needed and you will have to many suitcases.
  8. Hey Ladies, It has now been two weeks since I've returned from my wedding. Below are a few pictures of my wedding and reception. I used Juan Navarro for my photography who I HIGHLY recommend. I used Mike Cantarell for my wedding video, I haven't received my video yet so I'm hoping everything comes out GREAT! iF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT [email protected] this forum was such a big help to me and I'd like to help anyone else I can.
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