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  1. @@Huskergirl9 I thought the same thing and was super worried because we knew our invoice was going to be pretty high! If you book TP for either photos or videos, you will be paying for that with your wedding package directly to your WC, so it will be included in your final balance. The extra fee with TP is in case you choose any extras, (like the aerial view/drone cam) and pay for them using your card. The resort also did not charge us tax on our balance for the wedding package. We paid for everything with our bank/credit cards. The only cash we took was for the airport tourist fee, small
  2. @@Slaughter2be I don't see why not. You're not obligated to use the resort salon. I think their outside vendor policy is really more for photographers.
  3. Okay last link guys, LOL. I have received my official wedding photos from Katyanova. I am in LOVE and just had to share... http://katyanova.smugmug.com/Weddings2014/Erika-Jeffrey/The-wedding/38878000_b4BwCR If it asks for a password, it is: lovepuntacana
  4. Hi ladies, Get comfortable because this is going to be a lengthy review! I got married at BBPD on Saturday, April 5th with a total of 84 guests. My WC was Aris and to say that she is amazing would be an understatement!! My fiance and I arrived with his parents on the 1st and met with Aris the following day. Our meeting lasted over 2 hours even though we were finalizing most of the decisions we had previously made over email. I took two suitcases full of tiffany blue colored napkins, palm fans (we wrapped the handles with tiffany blue ribbon) and tears of joy packets (hand
  5. @@MissJali Congrats!!! Took a look at your photos and you looked absolutely beautiful, that dress looked amazing and the pier as the background for your wedding was gorgeous. Thank you for your review and for all your help on this forum, it definitely helped me when it came time to make decisions for my own!
  6. Hey ladies, I am back after an amazing two weeks in DR for my wedding and my honeymoon in Aruba!! I promise I have a very lengthy review (and pics!) I'm going to work on and post in a few days. Let me just say, it feels like I'm just waking up from a dream!!
  7. If you have the tangerine package, the bride's bouquet is included. I was quoted $45 a bouquet for the bridemaids and chose to have a friend who's making my ring pillow make each of the bridesmaids a small bouquet with flowers made from fabric. My bridesmaids said they don't mind and it's better that than paying $45 for flowers that will be wilted by the end of the night. No one is going to be looking at the bridemaids bouquets and I even read of a previous bride making their bouquets from pom-poms or tissue paper. Save the money where you can!
  8. Hmm... I'm supposed to receive a phone call from my WC Aris later today, I'm going to make a note to ask her and confirm.
  9. I've been told the resort does not charge a fee for him to officiate. I'm using him myself and asked the same question for my WC. Hello ladies, it's been a while since I've been on here. With only about a month to go, I've been swamped and scrambling to get everything done. I've been wanting to share a website that our groomsmen were able to get their linen suits from. The vest and pants were less than $130 altogether. The bottom of the pants come quite long and unhemmed but if you know someone who can do it for cheap, it's worth it. My FI was also able to get a jacket from them. Here'
  10. When you reserve your date, I believe you do have to choose your package but I'm sure they'd be willing to accommodate any changes you wanted to make after that. I knew from the very start we would need the Tangerine package at the very least. The process to reserve did take some time. I sent out two emails and then called before I got an answer. But the only thing is, they start reservations on April 1st of the prior year. So if you wanted to have your wedding in March 2015, you wouldn't be able to reserve your date until April 1st 2014 because that's when they release their prices for t
  11. Sagesma, I know, I really did not think this many of our friends and family would actually go. But then again, we did invite over 200 ppl! I decided not to use a traditional travel agent, used Delta Vacations instead so people would still have some autonomy in booking their packages while still getting a small discount. Some family members and friends did use other options like Cheap Caribbean and things like that but I didn't want to drive myself crazy trying to be in charge of people's booking. Delta Vacations will give me a list of guests that booked using our discount code but as
  12. Your ceremony is going to look absolutely gorgeous on the pier, can't wait to see the photos!
  13. Right now, we have 82 confirmed. I'm expecting hopefully no more than 20 more, but we estimated somewhere between 100-120 for the final count. Last time we visited, back in June, Striker's did not require reservations, it is a large space and I'm crossing my fingers that we won't get in trouble for just taking over the place. I wanted it to be informal and formal welcome/rehearsal dinners are only free up to about 20 ppl I believe at the other restaurants. If it becomes too much, we'll probably go meet somewhere else, there are so many places to sit, maybe even at the area where they hold the
  14. Hey Sagesma, My wedding is 3 days before yours and my dress still hasn't come in yet either. And I ordered it back at the end of JUNE! You're way ahead of me as I haven't gotten anything for our welcome bags yet as I still don't have a final guest count. (Add that onto my already growing stress level!) We included a "welcome gathering/unofficial get-together" on our invitation "itinerary" at Strikers the night before our wedding, to have everyone together in one place and be able to give out the welcome bags. To my knowledge, the hotel charges per bag if you ask them to distribut
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