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  1. Jhankarlo was our photographer. We had a destination wedding in Cancun and it was stressful looking for a photographer. From the moment I emailed Jhankarlo, was very responsive, positive, reassuring, and patient. He answered all of my millions of questions. We spoke on the phone and there was something about him that I really liked. Not only was his work amazing but he was down to earth and friendly. He showed up at the resort on time and got started right away, no time wasted. He and his crew were wonderful and took pictures of everyone at the wedding. Our guest absolutely loved him! At the TTD session we were able to get to know Jhankarlo ever better. He is a kind hearted soul and you can tell he was passionate about his work. He expands his knowledge by taking photography classes and exploring the world. The pictures he took did not need editing. He knew his lighting very well and his eye for art is like no other. It was so hectic during the wedding that we forgot to take pictures with just us and our daughters and we were so heart broken. Although the TTD session was he was only supposed to be my husband and me, Jhankarlo offered to come early and get a few pictures of just our family. The TTD was so much fun for me, not so much my husband because he was in a suit and it was extremely hot but he stuck it through. =D Jhankarlo was only supposed to be with us for 2 hours but he was so passionate about his work, he stayed with us well over that amount of time. If it wasn’t for my husband being so hot, we would have stayed with Jhankarlo to take more pictures. My husband and I both really enjoyed Jhankarlo’s company. We forgot my husband’s blazer in Jhankarlo’s car. Jhankarlo was nice enough to return it to us at the resort the next day, need I say that he lives an hour away from the resort. If that is not customer service, I don’t know what is. Finally the day has come when we received the pictures from the wedding day and TTD. We received it in 6 weeks after the wedding. That was FAST!!! I figure it’s because he does not need to edit his pictures. The pictures were so wonderful and amazing. Jhankarlo knew exactly the look I wanted, romantic, journalistic, and, candid, Jhankarlo captured that exactly. Like all wedding’s, not everything turned out perfect but through his eyes, it looked perfect and the pictures are what we will remember forever. http://jhankarlophotographyslideshows.com/maryandty2/
  2. Thank you for hosting the Wedding Webinar. It was very informative and helpful to have that communication. Thank you again.
  3. Hi Nicola, It was not difficult at all when I wanted to book my date, however email everything in writting because when I signed apparently they told me one thing and then when I went to sign it was another thing. Moon Palace I guess is in the mist of changes and I was unaware of it so there was a lot of miscomunication. I called at first to talk to a wedding coordinator and we also communicated via email. I am having approx. 50 guest or so. The wedding planner does not contact you until about 3 months before the wedding b/c they are pretty busy with other brides. I would choose the plan that cost the least which is the complimentry package so you do not have to put down any money, therefore you are not committed to anything and then when you decide then put down the money. They do not give refunds very easily. I heard their in house photographer is not that great and I am really big on photography. I am on a budget but I do not want to compromise my pictures therefore it is taking me longer to look for a photographer and videographer. I hope this helps. I will continue to post. Happy planning! Mary
  4. I would love to hear more detailed information about your wedding April 2013. Does anyone know where in Moon Palace would be the best place for the ceremony, reception (indoor and outdoor)? Also, which approved decor company are you using? Thank you!
  5. Thank You airica26, this was very helpful information to list the prices you pay for each. May I ask which approved wedding decor company you went with?
  6. Thank you so much for the list of stores, this will be very helpful when looking for sweets and last minute items! =D
  7. Hi all, I am a bride on a tight budget. I am looking for Photography Videography DJ Entertainment Florist Make up and Hair Please post recommendations and prices if any, thank you!
  8. Hello All, I am getting married Aug 2013 at Moon Palace Resort. Currently still searching for: Photographer Videographer Florist (maybe) DJ Store for sweets (pop cakes, cup cakes, jell-o, etc Make-up and Hair Please give recommendations...there is a tight budget but quality has to be there. Thank you!
  9. For Jeremery, do you have to pay for travel expenses if you have wedding in Cancun?
  10. I am also in the begining of planning my wedding for August-Sept 2013. The only thing we decided was to have a destination wedding in Mexico...perhaps cancun. We were looking into having it at a resort but would like to get some input. We have about 50-70 guest going. Please give input on pricing for resorts vs. wedding outside resorts, photography, wedding coordinator, etc. Thank you for your help.
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