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  1. Thank you SO much for your post, i cannot tell you how helpful it is! They have not been able to show me many pictures, but the wedding by the gazebo looks gorgeous, were you happy with it? They have a wedding package offer that is if yiu have a minimum of 20 guests staying 3nights or more, your wedding and 3 night stay for the bride and groom are free. Did you go wth a similar package? This package does not include a reception. I know that since it is an all-inclusive resort you could technically have your reception dinner at one of the restaurants where the food and alcohol is included, but they have quoted me a great price for a four hour private reception with open bar and 3 course meal and i would really love to have a private reception. They have not really shown me pictures, but did you like your reception venue? What month did you get married? Was the resort really crowded? It is so good to finally find someone who has had their wedding at this resort and can vouch for it. I was a little apprehensive because i have never been to this resort, or any club med for that matter, so I have really no idea what to expect. I just know the price is right in our budget and i think my guests will love that it is all inclusive!
  2. I am looking for the EXACT same thing and the best deal that i have found has been the club med sandpiper. They offer a free wedding package if you have 20 adults stay for a minimum of three nights (at $170 per person per night). It is an all inclusive resort so you do not have to host your own private reception if you want to save money (since all of your food and alcohol are included with your stay you can ask them to reserve a section of one of their restaurants for your reception, but that means no private dance floor/music) but we want to do our own private reception and for an open bar for four hours, cocktail/appetizer hour, and 3 course meal i was quoted $106 per person and DJ for four hours for about $1200. I am not sure about decorations/centerpieces and such, but it does include the tables, chairs, plates silverware, bartender, servers, ect. Dont know if this is what you are looking for, but thought i would share! Let me know if you want any more information about this option!
  3. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Club Med Sandpiper Resort? Has anyone ever been? Know anyone who has had a wedding there? They have a really great wedding package and I love that it is all-inclusive because we have guests coming from all over the world. Any information would be great!
  4. Hey! Has anyone thought about having their wedding at Club Med Sandpiper Resort? I am looking into it, but have never been so I am wondering if anyone has ever been to a wedding there or has ever stayed there and could give me some advice?
  5. Do you mind me asking roughly how much it is to get married there? I am currently trying to find an affordable venue, and that sounds really pretty...
  6. Hi! I need help finding an affordable destination wedding location on/near the beach. Our budget is about $5.5k. It will be a small wedding of about 35 people. We have people flying to us from Atlanta GA, Miami Florida, England, South Africa, and Japan and we want to pick a location that is fun for the people flying so far to see us, make it kind of like a vacation destination but also have our wedding be a part of it! Does anyone know of an affordable/fun wedding venue for this type of event? We preferably want a ceremony on the beach, and then a reception outside under a tent afterward but are totally flexible if something else sounds interesting or fun! Any suggestions will help! Thank you!
  7. Hey, we have just started looking at resorts, but are considering the RIU as well, that is a great deal and exactly the price range we are looking for for our guests. What time of year is your wedding? Did you go through a travel agent? How much is your wedding going to cost? How many nights are they staying for? Is that price per person or per room? Thanks for your help!
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