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    Day After Cake Ceremony

    have you looked at cakeworkshi.com?
  2. Hello, I'm interested in the following. Are they still available? Shipping to 92683. 24 Raffia Fans for ceremony to keep your guests cool (range from 8-11") $15 Shoes Optional Sign (Purple & White), 8 Paint brushes 4 of them have tags that say "To wipe the sand from your feet" and a purple wicker basket $10 Thank you, Leonora
  3. Hi, May I see the purse, the ivory/gold pen, and the multi-colored flowers please? thanks!
  4. LDolo

    Post-Wedding Sale and OOT Items!!

    Hi, I'm interested in the clam shell, Martha Stewart paints: Silver & Sterling Silver, 2 lanyards and 2 vertical pouches. Are any of these items still available? Thanks!
  5. Enjoy the "space" and take it all in...congrats on finding an AWESOME planner!! I can't wait to be at that point..all this planning is making me nutty..haha!
  6. LDolo

    affordable oahu beach ceremony

    Thank you for sharing your video! Who was your videographer? I'm getting married at Paradise Cove in February 2013. And thanks for the Chair Vendor
  7. Hi, are the frisbees still available? thanks!