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  1. Hey future brides this forum was really instrumental in helping me ease the anxiety for my wedding so I felt it was only fair for me to post my review!! My wedding date was July 11th 2013. We arrived July 9th to check out everything and give us a chance to familiarize ourselves to the resort. Like others have said, the resort is much further out than all of the other resorts. It’s a nice ride and the entrance after seeing other resorts, the entrance was pretty grand. Upon arrival we were greeted with a cool towel and a drink (just like in the movies). We checked in and our baggage was immed
  2. @Amazed...what did u pick for dinner? Did u choose another photographer or did u stick to the dreams photographer? How were the flowers? Did u buy extra flowers? How did Ur hair hold up? How was the humidity? Sorry for the questions!!
  3. Caitlin did u have round tables or one long banquet table? I only have about 15 people and thought the long banquet table may be more intimate...
  4. Which wedding package did u choose?? Please take lots of pics!! Congrats....it will b a blast!!
  5. Hey Brides!!! Did anyone choose the Ultimate Wedding Package....It says online that with the ultimate wedding Package you get A: One natural floral centerpiece for reception table and B: One natural floral table centerpiece and additional decor....does anyone know what the "additional Decor" is?
  6. Hey Former Brides.... On the Ultimate wedding package it states they give a floral centerpiece for the reception table and one for the One natural floral table centerpiece and additional decor for the other tables...can anyone elaborate?? thanks! (me and wedding planning/decorating)!!
  7. Yazzy do you have pictures of the reception? Which dinner did you choose? What kind of Hor D'oeuvres did you choose?
  8. Hey sister brides....I have appx. 15 people coming so I was thinking about doing a long table instead of several round tables...has anyone been to a wedding that has done that? What kind of decoration do you think will travel well?
  9. Yazzy...your wedding was beautiful!! Thank you for adding the Carribbean Emotion video....it really gave me a good visual of the terrace...I have such a tiny wedding party so I'm super excited. I am worried about the salon now...because I really wanted my hair pressed out by the ladies...but that just at home will take 3 hours...so that means I would have to be there by 1 for a 6pm wedding. Do you have pics of your wedding..and was the terrace properly lit in the evening or do you suggest I bring more lights? GG
  10. Sisterbrides, maybe I'm just freaking myself out...but I just read the last couple of reviews on Trip Advisors about the resort and its been BBBAAADD!!! Really horrible reviews....has anyone been there before...anyone talked to their TA about where there rooms are...one of the biggest complaints was where the rooms were..which building was new and which were old and drippy and musty.... HEELLPP!!
  11. I'm so happy for you..I'm super excited to see pics and reviews...I was worried about the food..and did you get a seperate room the night before for you and your husband? Did they have someone to help you with the dress? What about the make up and hair? Sorry for the questions...
  12. hey Deemore, My wedding is July 11th of next year. I sent out my save the dates cards and emails 3 weeks ago...the TA said that with about $100 a month they should have their rooms paid in time to pull out and get a 100% refund if they needed to.
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