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  1. Hey MsVasq, I'm getting married the week before you June 21st! ) I am actually doing things a little less traditional....I'm going to send my formal invites out in January and I'm going to ask for my RSVPs back 3 months before (March). I am NOT going with a TA, so people are going to have to do a little research on their own. I figure I would give them 3 months to decide if they are really serious about going or not, time to do their research to see if they can afford it, and actually book a room. 3 months also gives me enough time to finalize my Out of Town bags, favors, programs, food/reception costs (how many tables/chairs/decorations, etc I'll need) without having to go crazy or pay extra money in rush shipping. I am also working on putting together our wedding website where guests can visit and get information at ANYTIME, especially before invites go out. I'm going to try and be really detailed on our website and include links for transportation services to and from hotel, etc. Hope this helps a little. Just thought I'd give you a different option and way to look at the planning portion. Maybe we'll meet up for a drink or something at the resort before your big day! )
  2. Cindy B, me, me, me! My wedding is Friday June 21st @6pm on the beach!!!! )
  3. Hey Sister Brides! So I don't have any pics to share yet (and I probably won't for a while), but I'm going DIY for our centerpieces too. This is my idea: the main centerpiece is also going to serve as our table number. We're doing a seating chart because we're expecting around 100 people! Anywho, my FI and I are going to take a close-up pic (kinda like the cute ones u see for Save The Dates---kissing, smiling, looking at each other, silly faces, etc.) and for each pose we're going to hold up a number in the middle of a heart (just paper ones that I will make). When we print the pics, everything will be black and white or sepia and only the heart and number will be in color. I'm putting the picture in a cute frame (either plain, classy silver or clear plastic--the old school kind where u can put a pic on each side). So the framed pic will be in the center and we'll just do 2 simple votives with flameless (artificial) candles on both sides. Probably sprinkle some crystals/jewels or even seashells in between the items down the middle of the table. My main pet peeve at weddings is toooooo much clutter on the tables! I hate not having space on the table to put my drink, etc down because there is so much junk on the table! Hope this sparks a little inspiration for someone!
  4. MsVasq!!!! Thank you so much! Even tho I didn't really see "the dress", it makes me realize that I really do need to look at regular stores like Macy's, JCPenneys because they might have just what I want! I appreciate the link! )
  5. Hey ladies, Where are you shopping for your bridesmaids' dresses? I REALLY want to keep the dresses under $100 because obviously I'm already asking them to travel with me to DR and spend in money on flights and hotel. Any ideas? Websites? Suggestions?? Thank you )
  6. In order to send the deposit, you will be asked to fax or email as an attachment a colored copy of both sides of a credit card and your driver's license. You will also have to email or fax an authorization form they will attach to your confirmation email. So you print out the form, fill it out, and then fax it back or scan it and email it back as an attachment. Then it took almost 2 weeks for them to actually charge my credit card, but Carolina assured me that as soon as she received my authorization that my date was confirmed. You have 3 days (I think) after you receive the confirmation email to send the deposit info.
  7. Chinanow, It depends on what kind of ceremony you are having. I am having a civil ceremony and it took over 2 weeks to get back to me because they have to confirm a judge's availability for the date you chose. Then, I got an email saying your wedding date has been confirmed and attached were the directions on how to send the deposit. Hope this helps! )
  8. Yadira, Great, great pics!!!!!! Are your flowers/bouquets from the resort or did u have an outside florist come in??? When picking your bouquets did u have a choice or did they just give you whatever was available? How much was each bouquet? If you don't wanna share publicly, can u PM me?? Thank you so much! )
  9. Hey there, brides! Has anyone done the buffet option for the reception dinner??? I can NOT choose 1 food option for every person attending. I would love some feedback from anyone that chose the buffet. Thank you!!!!
  10. Chinanow, I have not been to the resort, so I am NOT certain, but I will say that here in S. Florida LOTS of black women go to Dominican salons to get their hair done! I know its not exactly the same situation, but being that DR shares the island with Haiti, many Dominicans share the same complexion and hair type as black women. I would not be surprised if they were COMPLETELY prepared to accommodate you! Hopefully there is someone on here that can speak from their Dreams experience, but I thought that this might reassure you a little bit. Welcome! )
  11. Jackiem44, thank you for your info. Although it would be nice not to have to be the "go to girl" for everyone's questions, I feel like the resort can/will offer ME more because of the number of rooms I plan to book. We'll see....I still have a year to go so I have options. Plus, I kinda feel like ppl will have more control of their spending options and will know they got the best deal for them. Dreams also offers a discount on blocks of rooms (if I'm not mistaken) and room ugrades, etc. Grace Torres, thanks for the AMSTAR info. What has your experience been like getting upgrades/discounts/freebies on things for YOU and YOUR FI? Any additional throw ins for the ceremony, your room, spa, etc? I'm going with the Wedding in Paradise (free) package because I expect much more than 20 guests so it doesn't make sense to me to spend a couple of grand on an upgraded package and then still have to spend more on additional ppl, add-ons, etc.
  12. Hi, there! For anyone who is NOT using a TA, have you contacted/researched/looked into a transportation service? I really want to have options for me and my guests and I want to list the info on my wedding website but I don't know where to start. Thank you )
  13. Hi, ladies! I'm so glad I found you guys! You're a wealth of knowledge! I'm still waiting for the judge to confirm my date, but we're shooting for 6*22*13! I was thinking about shipping boxes with bouquets, welcome bags, etc. I pray that's a good choice. I have so many questions....has anyone done the buffet? It seems really pricey, but its the only option for us! I could NEVER make 1 food choice for every guest. That's just silly! I'm thinking of renting the music equipment too and doing the iPod thing. Glad to hear it worked for some of you. $500 is a lot of money to spend on a dj when you may not even like any of his music! Anyone do a farewell brunch or anything for the day after or the Sunday after? How were prices?
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