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  1. Went for my final dress fitting yesterday! So happy and I can't wait to wear it!! Only two days left till we hop on the plane!!
  2. I totally agree with what the other girls are saying. I say GO FOR IT!! I originally had doubts also but then I figured its not like im ever going to wear it again so why not! Now my only concern is how heavy the dress is going to be seeing as it is sating lol!
  3. Geez dont know what going on with my typing must be because its monday morning lol...what I meant to say was cant help falling in love with you by elvis
  4. Our first dance will be cant help falling in love you with by by elvis
  5. We are going to be sharing the same wedding day!! We leave in 13 days also Great dress!! Have so much fun
  6. What a beautiful dress!!! I am so sorry to hear about your mother being diagnosed I will pray for her and im certain that your wedding will be just as amazing!!
  7. sooo pretty! It remind me alot of mine actually It has made me exited to go try mine on all over again
  8. Fo the bouquet instead of doing the toss you could have everyone on the dance floor for a slower song and then the dejay will start do call off number. One year..everyone who has been married for under a year leaves the dance floor.that keeps going until there is one couple left which would be the couple who has been married the longest and they are presented with the bouquet
  9. For timing I think it depends on if you plan on going with a custom piece or not. Mine ended up being custom made, I believe we gave them the go ahead in November to start making it and we took it home with us sometime in December (We are getting married in Feb) so we had lots of time. Keep in mind if you decided to get married in Canada before you leave you will need the rings for that also. My fiances wedding band we ordered directly from the store and just had to be sent for sizing so we got that back within 2 weeks.
  10. Finally got my dress in and I got to pick it up this weekend! So happy with how it turned out now just alterations are left!
  11. the pic is a bit blurry but I finally got a pic with the wedding band
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