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  1. Opps my finger apparently didny want me to type anything. I have been wondering the same thing. I found chair sashes for 1 dollar instead of the 5 the resort charges just haven't really decided if I want to mess with traveling with them/setting them up
  2. Someone has a picture of it started on the Facebook page but not really any details about it.
  3. My travel agent said we will do it three months before the wedding going through wedo.com. Is that a bad idea to wait that long?
  4. How exciting very good news! I think your timeframe is good. Gives guests a little time to freshen up after sitting in the heat!
  5. Congrats and welcome! I am not much help as my travel agent said we would do all that together so that she can help me. If your using a travel agent i highly suggest asking them. Sorry nt much help just wanted to congratulate you!
  6. K thanks! I will she has been on vaca until yest so i figured I would wait to bug her for a bit!
  7. Thanks! Worse comes to worse I can get everyone together in my parents room but you'd think theyd make an.exception for your day!!
  8. Sorry to hear that but i have to thank you because t was the last date available the week I was there. You made my day. Hopefully my happiness isn't something horrible for you.
  9. Well it says that non club guests are not allowed in the club section. Which i get that they don't get to used the amenities, totally understandable but I wonder if since we are in the club section if nonclub people will be allowed in my room to get ready on the wedding day. I wonder how they actually monitor that. I really appreciate that thanks!!
  10. Has anyone here actually visited the Colonial I have a quick question?
  11. Welcome! I am getting married May 9th! We are not having a private reception. We booked the beach restaurant just for a dinner I am having an at home reception. Planning wise I have sent out the announcements with booking info and the song I want played when I walk down the beach! Other than that the rest as been for the at home reception, I am assuming you are not having one if you are looking at a private one ayt the destination? I have the decoration package I want picked out but i was told she doesn't need the planning guide until a couple months before. I am kinda at a standpoint on what to do wedding wise now because I feel like there is nothing else I can do for it. Now the AHR is another story lol
  12. On the beach! How exciting were very close! Where is yours?
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