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  1. Hey do you think someone could please send me the flower arrangment attachment? my email is catherine.tuohy@gmail.com. Thank you
  2. Hello! I was just wondering for all those brides that have been married at the Riu Palace are they strict about the 11 o'clock end time? Or can you push it till 12? I just feel 11 is really early to be shutting the night down..
  3. Hello! I haven't relieved the check list do you still have it?
  4. miawkostory, I haven't recieved it yet do you still have yours? I would LOVE it if you could send me it!!
  5. Hey Houstonnlh it is the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas.. my email is catherine.tuohy@gmail.com When are you getting married there?
  6. Hey! I can do some of the planning myself but the Riu Palace wont let me do any of the onsite planning until 2 months before.. i thought it was a little strange they wouldnt give me more time to prepare and price things out
  7. Hello Fellow Brides!!! I am getting Married March 11, 2013! I'm so excited to get the real planning started I wish we didnt have to wait till 2 months before the wedding!!! Has anyone gotten a spreadsheet from anyone with last years pricing so i could get an idea? Also when is everyone sending out their wedding invites? Its kindof hard to send out all my information when i dont really know the information haha Hope someone can help
  8. Hello! I am a 2013 BTB is there anyone that could send me the lnformation sheet PLEASE!!! I have bee trying to get it for my WC but she said she wont send or help me with anything till 2 months before my wedding I just want an idea of what the extras are going to cost me so if someone would be so gracious to send it to me I would really really appreciate it!! my email is catherine.tuohy@gmail.com Thank you
  9. Hello, I amm also getting married in March 2013! We are super excited.. our WC is Kylene she so far hasn't been very helpful and said she cant tell me anything until month and half to 2 months before my wedding Would you mind sending me the checklist you got as well? my email is catherine.tuohy@gmail.com . Your pictures are so beautiful they are making me super excited for my wedding!
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