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  1. Hi ther coco brown, i getting married on the 26th at mp. we have ben told we can useour credit resorts to up grade wedding, which is what we are planning. we have date and time confirmed, but we have been told, we wont hear anything from mp as we dont need to do anythign until we are there!! hi ashley roselyn, i would go ahead with wedding, we recently hada few friends pull out i was really upset, my fiancee said and he was right, we are the ones getting married its our day, aslong as we are both there we shouldnt carewho else is with us.it will be a nice private affair, romantic, go with it your your days if thats wot you both want. p.s i lloking at wearing flip flops for my wedding shoes, i want some styllish nice ones, propapbly wedged, any one know where i can get any nice wedding flip flops from xxx
  2. Hi Charmine, we have just had our birth certificates certifiedcost 30 pound each, we also need to send them to our haynes and jarvis(who we booked wedding through) too. think we going to get it translated over there.
  3. its a group on fae book called AWEsome palace resorts & hard rock brides past and future. a group of brides who are or who have married there. you should find it by typing it in search x
  4. Hi all welcome every one i not yetspoken to, and congrats on marraige and babies. i getting married oct 26th at 14:00pm sounds like there will be quite a few of us out there which will be nice. how is every one getting on. we finally got our flight details confirmed as they had to keep changing. i just hoping that us and our guests can all stay close to one another in hotel as some of our guests are solo and would hate for them to be far apart, as they all on different flights with different air lines. has any one heard any more on drinking prior to wedding as seen on facebook site. hope planning is going well i finally got my dress yipee xx samx
  5. welcome every body, sounds like there will be a few of us at moon palace at the same time which will be nice. hope every one is getting on ok. we are 26th Oct at 14:00pm. our dates have changed a few times due to the summer/winter flights so now staying for 15 nights. we have approx 16 guests flying out but all at diferent days/times and with differnet companies do you think we can requst for wedding party guets to be in the same area of the hotel, as some of my guets are on there own andwould hate for them to be the other side of the hotel as it quite huge? also on palace resorts face book people were asking about havign a drink prior to gettign married, has any one heard any more ont his thanks ?p.s got my dress all exiciting x
  6. ha ha no worries, i getting on ok. just trying to sort out documents to send off etc and still clairfy numbers!!! one of my bridsemaids has tod me that she can no longer afford to go which is a shame n a bit annoying as we gave every one two years notice and she has said she def going all along!!!!!, so now have three bridesmaids, just glad she told me now ratherthen wait till i had dresses etc. ifound a dress i like on line and finally managed to track it down to a shop near me, so going to try it on next friday whch will be exciting, just hope i like it an it fits it only a year and some people say some dresses can take 6 months to order in and 6 month for fitting so ideally i need my dress now lol. Hope you have had luck with thomas cook, what sort of shoes do u think you will go for?? samx
  7. Hi Ashley Rose, i'm Sam, welcome im getting married 26th oct and flying back 5th nov so i will be out there when you are, how are you getting on!!
  8. Hi, Donna, i think if you speak to your airline, there normally quite accomadating with dresses and you can get specail hand luaggauge dress boxes which are sutible size for over head storage. i think if you book for virgin they give one free, if not you can get them on line. i think i would rather do this then but it in suit case just because soe ties you see suit cass that are half open when they come of the plane, mine once had a big foot print on it where they dont handle them with care. I know it unlikely but it could go missing! bouguet sounds lovely, my bridsemaid have asked for fake flowers so they can keep them after, It just getting four over there, so will see. we still not sure on suits, are wedding is at 14:00pm was hoping for 16;00pm so dont have bright sun and the heat, but may be we can move it till later. I actually quite hard to find linen suits, so will prob go for rnormal and just wear trousers, short sleve shirt and waist coat. now we have rings and wedding booked, all we need to buy is dress and suits, so we can concentrate on payign for wedding. sam xx
  9. Hi Donna, is ur bouquets, fake flowers then if u taking them with you i was thinking of getting something lke that and smaller ones for bridsemaid, we have wedding rings, ones we have always liked, so got them while we had the money. Are your Grooms wearing lining suits! or normal suits, we were thingking linin trousers shirt and tie and poss waist coat for groom.
  10. Hay we not flying out till oct 21st so you will all prob have left by then!! i have also said that if they not let me know they not coming, i have tld them i dont mind eithee way as i am aware it lot to ask as wasnt execting many to come. we have booked our party for when we ome back, but have done nothing else yet, should start looking at cakes etc. i love that you have your dress already, i agree tho sod the climent get the dress you want, it's only one day x didnt relalise prices have gone up as i havmt looked i may have to let people know, thank you, hoping they will coe down again next year, i do hope mon palace come out best price!! i got loads of wedding this month and next to attend, but really want it to be mine lol xxx
  11. hay, thank you for names of sister hotels i wil pass this around to our guests, am hoping majority of them will stay at moon palace with us. it be good to use credit n hair and make up as i know this will be a must lol. will send on documents off soon to travel consultor for her to sort out, it quite good she tells me where and when to send them, i dont have a clue about wedding licenses or anything, getting ok i have tried on a few dresses (couldnt wait any longer) very hard to choose esp as having to think about the heat etc. just waiting for guests to book so i know how many exactly coming, stil not got def yeses or nos which is a bit annoying. how are you getting on x thanks for adding me to groups x
  12. Hi Coco bROWN, I getting married oct 26th 2013 at moon palace we have booked ours and have been told we are getting 2500 of resort creits that can be used to buy upgrades for the wedding; s hopefully this will continue next year too. Are every one having their guests stay at the moon palace as we were un aware until we got our wedding package that only 20 percent of the guests can have day visits if not staying in moon palace, so if having 20 guests only four of then can stay off the resort. i believe moon palace has sister hotels that you can go between, does any one know what these hotels are called!!!! thank you fort he pictures matt, there lovely, any other pictures you have would be great i.e flowers, cake etc. how are evwey one else getting on with things, when do we need to start sending off brith cerficate and passport!!!!!!!!!!!!! lady stardust, which are the two facebook groups, my email samblake85@hotmail.com.
  13. hi thanks for list of wedding locations, will def take a look. juan you take lovely photos i will def take alook, i got told i wont hear from a wedding planner now until we get out to mexico.we received our wedding pack, which gives list of wedding extras u canpurchase and all the legal documentation e need etc. hope all the planning is going well xx
  14. hi, hope every one is getting on ok. we had our wedding info pack and confirmation through whichc states our wedding date ad time, however it also said this it was not 100 percent set in stone, so hoping it dont change, i cant see why it would if they have gaanteed that date, i mean just dont give it to any one else. it a bit annoying as our friends and family booking there holiday around the date. the pack we got about moon palace was ok, had list what we would be entitiled to and a list of cost for extras, also a form about our wedding party in need i fill in and send back to them so they know whos who. not much more in the back. has any one else recieved one. sam x
  15. congratulations, glad you have ur date finally, nice to be able to let guestsknow when it is xx
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