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  1. @ My Belle 714- *Beach Ceremony: Did they block off a section for your ceremony? From what I saw the beach ceremony was not private at all! I found a lot more people would stay at the beach till 7ish or sometimes later. *Poolside Reception: Did they allow dancing? Were other hotel guests able to swim in the pool during your reception or did they block it off? They shut down the quiet pool around 6ish, block it off and start getting it ready. *Does the cocktail hour and reception include open bar (or alcoholic beverages)? Or is it additional? Yes, depending on which package you get I think it includes 25 people and than you pay extra per extra person. *Does the entertainment "B package" include mic and speaker system? I believe you get the mic and sound system with all of the packages. *Is the house photographer any good? Did you do trash the dress photos? I had the devine package and it came with a wedding video and 24 photos, they turned out pretty good! I also brought my own photographer, who is absolutely unreal! *Did you stay at Now Larimar for your honeymoon too? Were there too many kids there? We stayed a week with all of our guests. It is a family friendly resort, but there was never an issue with too many kids there. *Welcome bags: Did you ship everything ahead of time or bring it in with your luggage? We did not do these, seemed like a waste to me. *Welcome BBQ: Does Now Larimar offer this? If so, how much? You can do a welcome dinner for your guests but I think its at a certain cost. If you don't have too many guests you can set up a dinner in the buffet for everyone. Hope that helps!
  2. Hey Ladies, Here is a sneak peak of some pictures my photographer (Barefeet Photography-J.R. Clubb) captured. These are very artsy and fun, exactly what we were looking for!!! http://blog.barefeetprojects.com/dominican-destination-wedding-photography-by-j-r-clubb Hope you enjoy!!
  3. @crystal- I used these for my centerpieces...I bought them online from shojidecor.com. They have all different colours and styles. All together we spend close to $6,000 for the wedding day for 53 guests (including our deposit). I definitely went over budget, we originally budgeted for around $4,500 but more guests ended up coming. All said and done I wouldn't of changed a thing.
  4. . @Henderson- This is the 1st room where you get your hair and nails done.... This is the only one I could find of the actual bridal suite...through that door there is a bathroom, another mirror to do makeup and a massage table. Hope that helps a little.
  5. @ henderson- just ask your coordinator, she should give you the spas contact. The first two pics I posted are from the bridal room.
  6. @susanmike- those videos are great!! I'm glad you enjoyed every minute of your wedding!!! I agree I was in the bridal room from 11:30 until 4 but it never seemed that long.
  7. @mvee- it was mostly of just the wedding, they took 82 total and wanted $200 for all of them...we just took the 24 included in our package. -yes the video is also just of the wedding and they get your guests to say something to you on it, it can get pretty funny. The video is about 25 minutes, also depends on how many people talk.
  8. @ mvee- - yes my wedding was at 4 pm. -The champagne and fruit is included in the $150.00 charge. -I had my bridal party of 3 plus my 3 mother's plus my 3 flower girls and their 3 mother's and both of my photographers at one point, the room can hold a good number. Plus your hair gets done in another room in the spa. -Adult updos were $60 I believe and $20 for my flower girls. - my reception started at 7 pm until 10 pm. - our plan was the disco after but for some reason it was closed that night. The "disco" was being held in the courtyard that night, which just wasn't the same! - no all of my guests stayed in either the bavaro building or Punta cana building. We all had tropical views. I believe the garden view rooms are a bit of a walk to everything!! I would say about a 10 minute walk if not more to the beach. -my coordinator was Luisa. - the fountains were on and off throughout the whole ceremony and during cocktail hour they actually flooded over. The guitarist showed up well after the cocktail hour started ( not his fault the ceremony was so quick). There was a miscommunication about the bridal party flowers, the wedding day there was none for them but Luisa quickly thought on her feet and we used the flowers from the ceremony. Since I brought all my own decorations after the wedding they were supposed to get delievered to our room but never did. Sunday they were closed and we were leaving Monday so it was a little bit of a hassle trying to get a hold of someone who knew where it was. I just remained calm, nothing could ruin the day!
  9. @rosepetal- Thank you!! I bought the lanterns online from shojidecor.com, they have all different kinds of lanterns. I had no problems receiving them!!
  10. @Jennifer- I liked the paper lantern's, they added more light to the reception tables! I brought enough sashes for both ceremony and reception. Yeah I would do the side bun for that time of year...but you can always decide once you get there and get a feel for how hot it is.
  11. @Rachel- We used the DJ through the resort and he was awesome! Plus you don't have to pay for entry fees using the resort DJ. I brought all my decorations with me. Like I've said before this resort is gorgeous and there's not much more you can do to make it more beautiful. I found buying decorations online was a lot cheaper too!
  12. @jennifer8913- Thanks so much!! My curls stayed in pretty well, but after dancing up a storm at the reception I was getting pretty hot. After the reception I ended up getting one of my friends to help me pin it up into a cute side bun. Yes, after the meal everyone was so full...remember you also get desert included in your package besides the actual wedding cake. We ended up doing the garter toss, bouquet toss and some other things to take a break before we cut the cake. There was more than enough cake left over with just the 25 person cake. I honestly don't even think we got to the third layer. Hope that helps!!!
  13. Bridal Suite, well worth the $150.00, I started my day at 11:30 am. Got my toes repainted, hair done and makeup done. Some of my bridal party had their hair done at the spa others were able to use spa's curling irons, makeup (they have an amazing variety of Mac makeup you can use) etc. There was plenty of room for all of us to get ready in. Ceremony setup at the Fountains 4 pm. Perfect time, we had amazing weather too The cake was amazing (marble with chocolate filling)!! We had 55 people including us and we didn't upgrade the cake and good thing we didn't because there was plenty left over. The lobster and steak meal was the best meal we had all week. The resort DJ rocked, played great music!!! The servers at the reception were top notch, I never had an empty glass of champagne all night long!! I will post more pictures once I get the pictures from my photographer, hope these help. Let me know if you have any questions!
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