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  1. I have to work during the time period that the webinar is going on. Is there any way that I will see questions and answers after it if I sign up and register?
  2. Can't wait to hear a full review!!!! Was your honeymoon spot expensive? We were just going to go over to the Grand. How was the food on the resorts?? How was the weather???
  3. Oh good!!! I am so happy to hear that!! (at least someone else ease my mind about it :-)
  4. My photographer is from Texas but they live in Jamaica for half the year (wedding season) because her husband is her partner and from there. She said September and October are her favorite times of year and I should not be nervous at all!!! I am sure it was sketchy last year because of hurricane Sandy. My fiance says we should be fine because it is very uncommon to have a hurricane 2 years in a row. :-) What are you seeing the temperature at in the last couple years there? Also at least it is the end of the month versus the beginning!
  5. Thanks for all the feedback!!! We almost picked the beach to do the wedding and now I am glad we picked the Suites. Makes me happy!!! I just told my guests you get access to 2 resorts for the price of one :-) The Grand was out for us because of our children, but we will be having our honeymoon there!!!
  6. My travel agent was able to give us October rates 2013 in April 2012. She gave us a ball park price of what they would be compared to the year that we were in.......I would say that by the year mark a TA should be able to give you an estimate even if it is based off the current year pricing?
  7. Thanks for all the feedback!!! Yes although we are staying at the Suites because of our children and being "kid friendly" we are a bit glad that we did not book our wedding around a holiday time where they would be an excessive amount of munchkins there!!
  8. Oh that is awesome!!! I may be able to see your wedding because we are actually staying the following week for our honeymoon at the Grand, but my parents and kids will still be at the Suites!!! So with you being a travel agent, have you been there? Do you think highly of the resort? We have never been there so booking was a bit scary for us......but our TA and the reviews say all good things!!!!
  9. I agree!!!! This thread has now kept me on for hours!!!! That is on top of all the hours I have already been on etsy!
  10. Do you by chance have the direct link that you found this through on Etsy???? Thanks!!!!
  11. I invited about 80 and expecting 30. It also will be very hard to do a head count until a couple months before. I am pretty much not going to do anything private. From what I have heard some of the "extras" like the open bars are not worth it. Honestly at the end of the day, these people are extremely close to me so I have no problem saying walk over to that bar and get yourself a drink that you "technically" already paid for :-)
  12. Hi!! I am glad to hear that you did a site visit because we booked our wedding at the Suites without being able to do that. So I am glad to hear that you got to see it and liked it so much!! My advice to you would be going through a travel agent. They do all the talking for you and also look for the best rates for you. We started planning a year and a half ahead of time so luckily we got our date without any issues (October 25, 2013) But I would find a travel agent and leave all that stress to them!! Plus usually they can get you a price locked in even before everyone puts their deposits down :-) Good luck!!!! Is there anything you can share with me about the resort? Any suggestions? How about the food? People friendly? Thanks!
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