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  1. Thank you Patty - I really will never be able to thank you enough for making sure all of our guests made it there in one piece!!
  2. Good luck with everything! I JUST received a quote - whew! My stress level just dropped about 90%. I hope you enjoy your trip and your beautiful wedding!
  3. Based on what I have read - its just the services that you have to pay cash for? Can you use credit cards for food/alcohol?? (getting nervous because we leave wednesday and still have no quote or response from Mayte on that one!) Luckily we meet with her Thursday morning and can unload the cash then! Thanks to all the brides on here - everyone is so helpful!
  4. Our photographer is Kayta Nova - So excited!! I wish I heard back from Mayte - I have total confidence in her - but super nervous because we do not even have a quote yet - and I am not sure how much we can pay via credit card (super nervous about traveling with lots of cash!)
  5. I think we are going to be there between 3-3:30 to meet our photographer for the early looks. We are actually meeting with Mayte at 11am on V-Day.
  6. Congrats!! We are actually getting married that day (the 17th!). Maybe we will see you
  7. Thank you!!! We actually decided to go with Punta Cana at the Jellyfish Restaurant, I fell in love instantly once I saw the pictures of it Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! My fiance proposed in St. Maarten :-) so I definitely do love it there!!!!
  8. So Excited! Booked our date with Mayte at Jellyfish for 2.17.13 Now to find a hotel!!!
  9. That is a great suggestions - thank you!!
  10. Thanks, and I agree. That is what we have started doing . . . The other islands just have so many options that it is overwhelming lol!
  11. We have just started looking into ME - as St. Thomas just does not seem to be able to fit out needs (and budget) with 80+ guests. This forum has been super helpful! Has anyone planned a wedding there with a larger group?? Thanks!!
  12. Hi there! I have been a long time reader (slightly addicted) and have been engaged for almost TWO years. We had some family issues that prevented us from planning, but we are finally ready to get it done We got engaged in St. Maarten but have wanted to get married in St. Thomas. We are probably going to have a larger party (80ish) actually attending (inviting 125) - and with a limited budget, St. Thomas is proving to be difficult!! My FI and I both want to be married on the beach and have an open air feel reception close to the water (so the cheaper venues like Villa Botanica just don't work for us). So far this has been a STRUGGLE with our budget and wanting to keep food/drink prices under $150pp. We have heard not so great things about the Marriott and fabulous things about Island Bliss Weddings. So we are giving it a shot, but so far have found nothing that fits! Have other brides had the same issue with St. Thomas?? We are also looking at Punta Cana (Jellyfish) or Bahamas (Pelican Bay) as other options, but would love to get hitched in St. Thomas - but from the rooms to the food - everything is CRAZY expensive! We are not picky about the date, but would like to plan something in early 2013 - so the clock is ticking! Hoping to find the perfect place soon! Thanks for reading
  13. Patty Jordan to the Rescue!

    Pros: Transparent Communications, Really cares about her clients, SAVED the day!
    Cons: None!
    Patty Jordan was our travel agent for my Punta Cana destination wedding in February 2013.  I reached out to her through this website, and it was probably one of the best decisions I made!  So ladies, if you even think for one moment about NOT using a travel agent - think again.    Just to get things out of the way - there were a few hiccups along the way - but Patty was so easy to talk to about them, never made excuses for anything and always corrected the issue immediately.  All issues we
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