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  1. soonCB, Your kits look fantastic! Would you be able to e-mail me the template of the bag toppers? My email is je.lewis@live.com Thank you!
  2. We are getting legally married down there! It took a while for the judge to get back to us and we even changed our week/wedding date based on the judge's availability! Our traveL agent is helping with the documents. It is going to cost approx $300 to get the documents translated, you can do all documents through one company. Does anyone know how many people sit at each round table? Also does the resort provide anything for center pieces?
  3. I sent an email last Tuesday, and it did not come back, but I haven't heard back from Minel yet!
  4. Those pictures are great!! Thank you for sharing. So if you book the open air terrace for $1500 you get half of the piscis restaurant?
  5. We are all flying out of Toronto. You? I have some guests in Calgary but air transat doesn't fly out of Calgary in the spring/ summer do they will have to come to Toronto first. I have booked through a travel agent with a group rate and I have so many spaces reserved for my guests to book in. Are all of your guests booking themselves?
  6. We are arriving on the 12! We expect anywhere from 40-60 people.
  7. Cjboardingpass your wedding is one day before mine! Mine is booked for may 15! For the private reception, I think it depends how many guests you are having. Since I'm expecting over 30 I am doing the private reception. How many guests do you expect?
  8. I think we are doing the terrace too, I like the open air concept. I haven't decided on decorations though yet. Are you doing an open bar? I would really like to know where the closest bar is in relation to the terrace. I have a hard time paying $40/person for 3 hours of bar service at an all inclusive! I also think I'm going with the set menu from the garden grill- its easiest due to allergies within the family.
  9. I think it will have to be private because I expect more than 30 guests. You?
  10. I finally have a date set with the judge for May 15!!- just waiting on confirmation from the resort. I do have a document from a previous bride from the bahia principe with all kinds of pricing! I will try to upload it later.
  11. I'm hoping to be married here may 2013! I'm still waiting on final pricing though.
  12. What date in may have you booked? I'm also booking in may!
  13. I am in the process of booking this resort for next may, when is your date?
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