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  1. Although my wedding didn't take place at the RIU I ordered table runners online from Smarty Had A Party! I originally intended to give them to the WC for the RIU. They were reasonably priced and just what I wanted! I did use them @ The Hilton on our dinner tables! [/img]
  2. OMG....just got back from the RIU Palace. We were supposed to get married on 8-18-12 on the property but...... Rain strom, flooding, NO RUNNING WATER, NO AIR CONDITIONING, we moved resorts and planned a wedding in about an hour and a half at The Hilton. Despite the conditions that the RIU did not provide...The Hilton did AMAZING!!!!! My only sad part was that...we had no photographer...and we have to use friends and family snap shots. But the only thing that mattered was I married my best friend!!!
  3. MMISA, My fiance and I are also from So Cal and we booked directly through Alaska Airlines Vacations. We called their vacations department and set up a "Wedding Account" and they emailed us a 7% discount code for any of our guests booking through them. After you set it up, it takes about two weeks to get the code emailed to you. All our guests have booked using this discount code we gave them. Also when we have checked the price after we booked and the total price for the package went down, we called Alaska Vacation and they gave us refunds for the difference! With Alaska Vacations you can book the flights, RIU Palace (or Santa Fe), and transportation all at the same time! And guest do not have to travel the same dates..they can pick what dates work for them and still get the 7% off!!! Hope this helps as well!! -Tara
  4. Kary, Thanks! Wow...those prices are nuts!!! I will just deal with pasty white people and tans lines...including myself! Lol. Maybe I will bring my own tan in a bottle!! Valerie, Airbrush is like spray tanning but done by an actual person onto your body not the machines. So you don't get the running and streaking! Its done with an airbrush like airbrushed make-up but bronzer for your whole body that typically last a week! Thanks All!!
  5. Does anyone know if there is airbrush tanning available at the hotel or any place near by?!?!? I have a couple wedding guest & family asking! Thanks! Tara
  6. Kary, Firsts off Congratulations!!! Beautiful wedding! Thank you do much for your awesome detailed review!!! Was the fishing trip that the men took, who was it booked through?!? And did you have I have a minimum amount of people? Someone in a post wrote they wanted to get a nice bottle of tequila and have it available as well when the champagne toast is taking place right after....are you allowed to do this if you get it yourself? Thank you agin for the pictures and details! -Tara PS. Do you know if there are adjoining rooms at all in the resort? I have a family with three kids who want to come but you can't book five in a room. They would have to book two rooms because most everyone else has booked....just curious! Thanks!
  7. MrsCatatore thank you for the info regarding the WC, good to know!! As for the weather I don't think there is much more we can do. I have been checking the weather there lately and see the temps...yikes!! Our wedding is reserved for 4pm...I don't know what everyone is so worried about us brides will be the hottest ones there depending on your dress and the layers of material! Lol. Are you going elsewhere to get your hair and makeup done or doing it yourself? How many guests are you having total? Did you go with the wedding package or a la carte? Sorry for the twenty questions, Your wedding is only a week and a half away....how exciting!!!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear about your experience afterwards!! Hope have a fabulous day! -Tara
  8. Hey Everyone! My fiance and I are getting married at The Riu Palace Cabo on August 18th, 2012. It's great to read everyone is post to see what is going on! Our wedding coordinator is Sanuka (SP???), we haven't received much yet about planning but are hoping to soon here within the next few weeks since we are reaching the two month mark! We have pick the gazebo wedding after watching all the wedding video's and realizing there is no shade at all on the beach and that is where they give the champagne toast immediately after. All my guests are worried about the heat in August. I was wondering if anyone has used the hair and makeup at the Spa that comes with the Caprice package...not really sure what to expect there, and I am pretty particular.....or if i should have plan B (aka myself) ready for action?!?!!? Thanks & Congrats to All!!!!!!!! Tara
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