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  1. You might check into some of the big resorts, even if it's not your first inclination. Some of them do free weddings for the couple, with basically everything you said you wanted, if you just stay in a certain room class for a certain number of nights. They'll probably still charge you a fee for your photog, but if you go offsite to your makeup/hair artist, they can't charge you for that. For example, I got married at the Royal in Playa - they did have a free package, but they also charged $350 for an outside photographer. it would include your ceremony setup, coordinator, bouquet, dinner, etc. though: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86106/playa-del-carmen-just-the-2-of-us Just something to consider!
  2. HI Chrystal - sorry I missed your comment earlier. We spent about $6500 through the resort. Then we added flowers, photography, decor through others!
  3. That's weird- they didn't charge me and I got a note from the DJ saying that they were bringing them for free!
  4. DoReMix djs thru the resort were great- and they bright all the props you were asking about, plus fireworks, free of charge. I brought the lanterns!
  5. DoReMix djs thru the resort were great- and they bright all the props you were asking about, plus fireworks, free of charge. I brought the lanterns!
  6. Unfortunately they aren't sold online - I looked too . I am glad the review helped!
  7. It sounds like your photog is staying at a different resort? If so, (based on my recent experience) you'll definitly have to pay for him, and the fee is currently $350 (or was 2 weeks ago!). In my case, I told my offsite coordinator my plans to use outside photography as I was making all the arrangements through her - a couple months out - when I provided numbers, meals, and other extras I wanted like dance floor. She then sent me a whole recap with all the fees I owed, broken down by each piece, which I paid before I was assigned my onsite coordinator (about a month out). I got a balance sheet back that showed everything paid, and my onsite had it when I arrived. She noted the outside photog with the front desk, and they had no issues getting into the resort to shoot from there! Does that help?
  8. I did - I prepasted photo corners into a scrapbook, so they could just slip their photo in and sign next to it. Surprisingly, wind wasn't an issue at all during my reception, even right on the beach!
  9. I got married there one week ago! Here's my review - maybe it will help you decide? We had a fabulous time - you can't beat the location (I highly recommend staying in Playa over just along the Riviera - gives your guests a lot more to do and see). Also, the resort is beautiful, and although I got a little tired of the food, all-inclusive is so much easier for a group, and it has the best I have had at any! Feel free to ask any questions. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-playa-del-carmen-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/6866
  10. Hi! The DJ provided glow sticks that turned into bracelets, as well as ballons and masks - no charge! The lanters are these: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00219640/. Only $14 each and come dissasembled in a nearly flat box. There is a smaller one that Ikea also makes, but it comes preassembled so it is harder to bring down, and I also thought it was too small for my tables (I decided this after I bought 7, and then took them back). I hauled 7 to Mexico total (my FI and I each took a few and one friend took a couple). They were 8 lbs each and relatively easy to dissassemble. I did not take them all back after the event because I was over carrying them , but we took them all apart and guests took them home. We broke a couple plates of glass in the process, so ended up losing one lantern in dissassembly, but that wasn't too bad, and to be honest, if I'd been more careful we probably wouldn't have. I bought this camera: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002YOVF90/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00 with the film, and another 5 twin packs of film separately (for a total of 20 packs - 10 pics each). I brought 10 total film packs down with me (remember, you can't bring them thru x-ray though, so you have to have them hand-check them at airport security which is kind of a pain). I ended up coming home with three unused packs, which I will use, with the others, at my at-home recpetion. The camera and photo guestbook was a ton of fun! Let me know if you have any other Qs!
  11. Hi ladies, I just posted my review of my wedding last week - hope it's helpful! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-playa-del-carmen-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/6866
  12. Sorry, I meant that the guestbook, escort card table was to the left of the sweetheart table, farther back. At the entrance to the reception from the Gazebo. Our reception is at Gazebo beach, so the Gazebo where the ceremony was, is directly behind the sweatheart table.
  13. I JUST got back from my wedding, so I don't have many professional shots back yet (and none so far that show the whole layout, ready-to-go), but these (one professional and some from friends during setup and the actual party) might help you! We did dance floor in the middle with three tables (for a total of 6, each with 7-9 people) on each side, and sweetheart table at the top, facing the ocean. Here they are setting it up, so you can see the layout - we also had a cake table to the right of the sweetheart table, and a table for guestbook, escort cards, etc. to the right, farther back. You can see how the sweetheart table is at the top of the dancefloor facing everyone here. Cake table is hiding behind us. Here is a closer shot of what our sweetheart table looked like. You can see spacing of tables in background here... And what cake table looked like up close... And finally, a professional shot from Del Sol of what my tables looked like when deocrated! Hope that helps!
  14. Also, DoReMix Djs were AMAZING too. We had a light-up dance floor on the beach, and they brought fireworks, ballons, masks, etc. and handled the playlist and announcments flawlessly!
  15. Del Sol Photography all the way in reference to your photog needs! I JUST got back from my wedding yesterday, and they were fantastic! I did a ton of research before I went and they just kept standing out from the rest. Photos to come soon!
  16. Hi ladies! I am heading to Mexico on Saturday for my wedding next Friday! Quick Q - did anyone else utilize the wedding Site Inspection Program (visiting during planning, and then supposedly getting what you paid for that trip back in resort credit when you return for your wedding), and if so, was it easy to get your resort credit from your past stay? I am in the process of trying to work it out with them right now, and so far it hasn't been an easy process - they're telling me they have on record for my previous stay that it wasnt me (my parents came with us, but we were there too, and I provided confirmation numbers), and that we get less than we paid because it's based on what the resort got from the travel agent who booked us, not what we paid (but we didn't use a TA previously). Just curious as to others' experiences!
  17. We addressed the issue that some likely couldn't make it, but more so, tried to explain that in our case (our families/friends live all over the place), for most people, it wouldn't end up being a ton more $ or travel than it would have been for them to come CO, where we live - and at least they get a vacation out of it! Here's what we said: Welcome to our wedding website! We are counting the days to our BIG day! With Garrett's family scatted from California and Washington to Florida (and several stops in between), Jordan's family in Western Canada and across Wyoming, and friends all over, we thought a destination wedding in Mexico was a great way to ensure that the large number of guests who would have to travel no matter where we held it, would at least get a great vacation in the process! We hope you can make it (don't forget it's MLK Day the following Monday, which equals a three-day weekend for many), and to those who can't, we'll miss you terribly, and know you'll be there in spirit. Thank you for being such an important part of our lives. We so look forward to celebrating with you. We are having a reception the following summer, but it will be SUPER casual BBQ style shindig, and honestly, that's more due to pressure from those who aren't coming than about us wanting to do another one. A lot of people will still have to travel to it if they want to come, but for many, it's just the idea of Mexico that seems expensive, scary or a hassle. I think a lot of people start to feel guilty about doing a DW (I have struggled with this along the way), but you shouldn't. It's your day, and you probably checked to make sure those who were extra close to you could come beforehand. Just make sure in turn, you don't make anyone feel guilty about not coming if they honestly can't afford it or take the time off. And, remember how many weddings - although maybe not classified as DW, just a friend who lives somewhere other than you do - you may have traveled to in the past. Did you complain, make anyone feel guilty for having it somewhere you had to travel to, or demand they do a reception where you live so they could come? Think about it like that if you start to stress
  18. Thanks for the photo - I believe that's the 3.75x3.75! Apparently now there are several sizes. My WC gave me four to pick from!
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