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  1. I'm back and I had the time of my life! I will provide you with as many details as I can and hopefully they will be helpful.. first, when we booked with our travel agent we asked for an upgraded suite so we would have plenty of room... it was a waste of money as it was very comparable to the regular suites. We meant with our WC the day before the wedding and went over all of the final details. I was positive as to what I wanted when I got there so this went very smoothly. This is also the time you will bring all of your stuff to the WC- table numbers seating cards, decorations and favors; and explain how you want it set up. We brought sea shells and candles for the tables and they put rose petals on the tables as well.. it looked fabulous! We also didn't get the white chairs or round tables and I am very happy with how everything turned out without them- we did however give beach towels as favors that were in our colors so I asked that they be hung over the chairs. While we met with her she showed us what other brides brought and some brought pictures of how they would like their tables set up, for those of you that are bringing or making your own centerpieces. Also, some brides brought their own napkins and tulle to wrap around the chairs. I also had my hair trial this day, the person that did my hair was wonderful and did exactly what I wanted... she could tell when I wasn't happy and made adjustments until I was... so the day of the wedding it went very smoothly... don't forget pictures (I did and it was kind of difficult to work from my iphone). In the end however, my hair was exactly what I wanted! Also, when you meet with the WC she will ask if you brought music for the ceremony, I completely forgot and they have the traditional "here comes the bride" and recession line song, but I would have did something different if I remembered, so if you do want something bring it with you. The day of the wedding we started getting ready at 9:30 (our ceremony was at 5) I had a pedicure and up do and my girls started in the room with their hair at 10 (we brought a hair dresser for them). We requested champaigne in the room while we got ready and ordered lots of pizza for room service... It was a good time with my girls. Our flowers did not get delivered early as we requested, but one phone call and we had them within 10 minutes. We were all ready by 3pm for pictures; I also brought my photographer so I'm not sure if the hotel will do this. We choose to do them before so we could spend more time with our guests after the ceremony. It was extremely hot as expected, but bring tissues for blotting so you're not very shiny. We had our ceremony at 5 on the beach... we did not get a huppa, just a table and bamboo pedastools with flower arrangements that were later used for the reception. It was very windy, but refreshing, so hair spray, hair spray, hair spray! We also did not get a runner as I literally wanted to walk in the sand, we had rose petals down the isle... it was beautiful!!!!! After the ceremony we had cold appetizers and champaigne on the beach for an hour; this gave us a chance to talk to our guests and get some pictures on the beach with all of them. Then we were trollied to a lobby bar by the reception area until the reception was to begin. The reception was amazing! We spoke to our DJ prior and made it clear that we wanted as much dancing time as possible. After we were introduced and did our first dances we started the appetizers immediately, then dinner, we were done first so we did our speeches while everyone else ate. Rather than cutting the cake and doing desert right away we waited about an hour so we could start dancing. We danced the night away. The resteraunt was very hot, even with the air but we were in Mexico so it's expected, but for those of you with big dresses, I would recommend a reception dress. I took my slip (and poofiness) off because I was so hot and wished I would have brought a different dress for the reception. We did a four hour reception and did not opt for the extra hour and we were glad we didn't... everyone was exhausted and hot; it was just enough! The staff at the reception was incredible and attentive. I didn't bring money with me, and after I felt extremely bad because they were that good! I did find the main guy that assisted us all night the next evening and gave him a large tip. I honestly had the time of my life and am so happy that I chose this route with my wedding! I can't imagine it going any better, it was everything that we wanted and more! We also had dinner on the beach the night before we left; we set it up at 630 and that was perfect because the sun went down around 730. We didn't see the WC as much as we thought we would, we met with her the day before, she was at our ceremony and beginning of the reception and that was it. As well, we brought cash with us to pay for the wedding because all of my credit cards and bank charge for out of country charges so I only did the deposit with my card. As we were checking out we gave them cash and they needed to change it to pesos; they can only exchange $1500 in pesos for each person so we had to get two of our other guests to change our money as well. So either bring a credit card or change the amount you will need for the wedding to pesos prior to. If anyone has any questions please let me know, I will be happy to help you in anyway I can. I will say, try and make all of your decisions before you go, it will all turn out to be exactly what you wanted... don't change your mind on extras once you get there, because there are plenty that they will offer you! Also, plan on a massage the morning after the wedding... it will be just what you need!
  2. I am very excited! I really just can't wait to get there and talk to the WC face to face. We leave next Wednesday, our wedding is Friday.. At this point I wish I would have booked it to get in earlier. We've decided to just go with the original tables and chairs. We bought beach towels for our favors and they are in our wedding colors so we will put them over the chairs. We bought sea shells and candles for the tables and I may look into the napkins, but I think I'm okay with white. We didn't get center pieces because I feel like the flowers just go to waste after the wedding.
  3. The prices for the chairs are $6 each plus $50 freight fee and the colored napkins are $1.50 each.
  4. Our Wedding is at the Maya.. El Jambalaya... The Grand is absolutely beautiful! We stayed there last May, which is how I decided on my wedding location, but we had to choose the Maya because my sister is 8 and I wanted her to be there. If you don't have children going, I would recommend the Grand, it is a bit more money, in regards to who ever is traveling with you, but it is worth it. They have anything you can imagine in regards to food and alcohol and they treat you like gold. However, I have also stayed at other Iberostar hotels and have found that treatment everywhere, just a bit more attentive at the Grand. In addition to the other things I sent you, I will send you the pictures of the room that I was sent for the Maya since you like to see things. As I mentioned previously, the pictures with the white chairs and colored tableclothes and napkins are extra; although I haven't received those prices yet.
  5. 1 1/2 hours is just enough time for dinner and cake. My brother and his wife were married at Iberostar and chose that option. They do allow for additional reception options such as renting the disco. I would request a list of Extra's.. It is all on there, then you can decide which option is better. I did this and ended up choosing the dream package because ultimately I was going to request most of the stuff included anyway. I did spend about $500 in additional things as well, and almost $1000 for extra people. So it's really what you want from that day.
  6. Y Yuri secured our deposit then passed me to a WC, I only email her when I get no response from the WC. You won't get details until 3 months out. I requested it early so I could plan ahead and was provided with all of the options and additional price list. So just request it once you have a WC.
  7. There is an extra's list that they will send you that includes extra pricing for everything. I thought I was done until I received my final paperwork, not the case. Some of the extras are flowers for your bridal party and parents, center pieces, different beach set ups such as arches, aisle runner, rose petals, etc. I really didn't want to go crazy, but we ended up with about $500 in extras. I went with DJ Doremixx, he has song lists which look great! He does all of the announcements an brings lighting. He was 950 for 5 hours with an assistant and I just have to buy them both a day pass! He also has a dance floor for beach receptions, it is $800 for the night. We didn't do that sine we are inside. I just sent in all of my final details and received pictures of the reception room which includes a dance area, please be warned that the chairs included are wood with arm rests.. I've asked for pricing on other chairs but haven't heard back yet-another additional cost! Also round tables versus square tables are more, colored table clothes and napkins are more.. It all adds up. I tried to keep it simple but we are only having this reception, not another at home so I want it to be perfect. You have to buy day passes for all of your guests for the grand, and keep in mind, no children are allowed.
  8. I I think the hotel has one.. Did you ask your WC? I am bringing mine, so she's staying at the hotel. But if you want one from outside the hotel, you may be able to just pay for a day pass ($60), that's what I am doing with my DJ.
  9. And do you remember how many people were at each table? Also did you do center pieces? Thank you sooooo much!
  10. Bambaleo, Did you do your table arrangements or just let everyone sit where they want? I have to make place cards for the meals, but I am wondering if I should do their seating too?
  11. Hey Mindy, I was told $40 for each additional person. The kids are free under the age of 13.
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