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  1. wowsers! that looks amazing! i heard that babyonline wasnt as good at detailed beading, but there you go. good luck!
  2. http://wedding-dresses-melbourne.com.au/beading-chiffon-bridal-gownsformal-gownswedding_p1354.html hi guys ive stalked this thread when I was looking for a wedding dress and it was so helpful I fell like I have to post some pictures of the dress that I got, im really happy the way they turned out. The first dress I got was from the website at the top ^. It was really amazed at the qutality, my mum is a tailor and she was impressed so for $350 I wad stoked. The only negitives were that the dress had a little it of a shrip like smell on the train and comunication wasnt very good I also got a second dress because my husband is chinese and we had a traditional ceremony aswell so I ordered a dress off dhgate, a seller called prettyeveningdress. They only charged me 150 for a custom design witch included a built in petticoat, I wasnt expecting much for he price but it turned out so well I actually loved the dress more then my first one, the material felt beautiful and the beading was great and the dress was in my hands two weeks after I ordered. The negitives were that after I was wearing it for a bit I noticed the corset was crinkling, I think it needed more/stronger boning, probably because im a size au22. but anyways I just wanted to share because I had such a great experience, I hope everyones has as good luck as me. Just because we cant aford designer dresses doesnt mean we cant look like princess's on our wedding days!