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  1. I had my hair and make up done there. I loved it. The moms, and bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done there too. There were 3 ladies working on us, my only word of caution is one of the ladies really wanted to be heavy handed with the makeup. However, when we told her it was too much she changed it without any problems. I have had tons of compliments on my hair. I had lost the internet connection with the picture of how I wanted my hair and the only pic I had was a very far away one. The job she did with such a bad picture was amazing. I have been trying to upload the pic without success I'll keep trying.
  2. If anyone is looking for an outside DJ we hired DJ Mannia. They were amazing! The dance floor was never empty. They played some really obscure songs that we asked for. The mixing was really good. I would most definitely recommend them.
  3. I just had my wedding on Feb 20 and we used the photobooth that they advertise in the wedding brochure. It was amazing. I had a ton of compliments from everyone at the wedding saying how much fun they had. Looking at the pictures was hilarious. If you can let Anel or Ramon know they can book them. Since you are booking them through Anel/Ramon you do not have to pay the outside vendor fee. I asked when I got down there and had my meeting with Ramon for the photobooth and didn't realize it actually is an outside company. I got lucky that they weren't already booked yet. So if it's something you would like I would ask for it sooner rather than later.
  4. Thank you so much for your review nels519. I was wondering if you minded sharing your florist contact info? I've been trying to contact a couple with no success. It's so exciting to hear that it went well. Under a month for me before we leave, woo hoo!!!
  5. We have also hired DJ Mannia. Same fees as listed. I have a friend bringing his bagpipes for the ceremony. I know, not very beachy but it's more about my friend doing the playing. I'm not sure what we're going to do during the cocktail hour. I'm thinking about bringing a portable sound system.
  6. I emailed almost a month ago and still haven't heard anything. I'm trying to figure out alternatives. If I find anything I'll let you know
  7. Hey FutureMrsKC, Who is your wedding coordinator? I'm getting married on Feb 20, 2013 and every time I've asked if I need to be supplying any information to the resort they keep telling me they don't need it yet. I've been trying to tell myself it's ok, that they'll get to me but I am feeling a bit nervous that we're being missed.
  8. I'm also confused about the cocktail hour. Where is it held? Do your guest just wander around the dinner tables until dinner? Or do you have to rent a crazy amount of furniture for people to sit on?
  9. Has anyone used a DJ other than DJ Doremixx? I wanted to hire him but when I emailed to confirm the date he didn't return the email. I have since sent 2 more emails with no response. So I guess I'm looking for someone else. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. I am also interested in getting the contact you used for flowers. I had read on another blog that they had done the same (getting the flowers off resort and meeting the florist in the lobby) and I've been interested in that idea ever since. Thanks for your pictures and your mini review, I feel better and better about my decision. Now if I could get conformation back from the resort about booking our date I would be very happy!
  11. I have 2 different travel agents looking into prices for me. I figured this was easier than trying to coordinate everything myself. I'll let you know when I get the quotes. When you reserved your date did you need all the travel information? I've been holding off submitting my form because it asks for room reservations, travel agent information etc but I don't have any of that yet. Can you go ahead without that information for now? Thanks
  12. Right now we're hoping for February 20, 2013 but we're still waiting to see if we can get a better deal traveling at a different time in February.
  13. It appears that all the time slots are available for the day we're looking for but I don't consider that a great resource as it seems they take a while to confirm time slots so someone could potentially have their info in already. I'm having a tough time deciding on whether to use the legal ceremony or to get the paperwork done here and just have the spiritual ceremony down there. Any thoughts on that? What have/are other people doing?
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