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  1. Hi everyone! I just had my wedding here and it was absolutely amazing. I had a private 2 hour dinner with an extended hour bar and DJ. I'd be happy to answer any questions. Happy planning![/img]
  2. My wedding is booked for July 19th at 4 pm! Getting so excited! Anyone else going to be here this day? All my paperwork has been submitted and we are making final plans on the wedding on Friday. Any reviews on the dj??
  3. This is very helpful! Were you happy with the restaurant? Did you regret not having a private reception? I am trying to decide if I am going to regret having not done a private reception. What did you do after dinner? Thanks! Pam
  4. Thanks so much. It is so nice to hear in detail how it went and reassuring that we made the right decision for destination wedding!!! Congratulations!
  5. July 2013 bride here! Turks and Caicos, Beaches Resort. Congrats and happy planning!
  6. Hi There! I am new to this site and excited to be here! Looking for any information I can get on destination weddings/Turks and Caicos/Beaches. Has anyone gotten married at this resort before? If so, can you please share any and all details!!! I am a bit nervous about the destination wedding thing and lack of planning that I can do. I don't know where to start! Thanks!
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