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  1. Hi Nic, Sorry - I just saw your message! I don't think 37 is too many for Poseidon personally, see what your WC thinks tho. I think the ceremony was around 20 mins or so but we added a reading and a ring warming too. We had the steel drum band yes, and we loved it! So did our guests. We walked down the aisle to it too (we requested a Bob Marley song for me to walk down the aisle too - we just let our WC know the day before)! I used the package flowers for my bouquet and my maid of honour made her own (a seashell bouquet). Everyone commented on how beautiful my bouquet was! Sky lanterns were a big hit and it was no issue at all. We just walked down the stairs from Poseidon to the beach below and did them there. My WC had told me tho we could do it from any beach
  2. Hi - our friend that came is a photographer, so he took our photos. However, with your wedding package the resort photographer takes some shots at the ceremony and you get 8 , 5 x7's included. He got some nice posed shots of us, we even bought 2 more from them at $15 a piece.
  3. Hi there - we got married on the beach at 4pm, no runner, which was perfect for me as i kicked off my shoes anyway We did the steel drum band and everyone loved it; I think it was a highlight of the ceremony and really added that Caribbean flavour, expensive but glad we did it. By the time the ceremony was over, they still played for a little bit while everyone was still milling around, which was nice. We booked Poseidon b/c it is way more private than Blue Lagoon. We just brought our own ipod and speakers for background music during dinner and for our first dance, it worked just fine for us. By the time we finished dinner and our sky lanters, there wasnt time to dance at poseidon anyway, so i was glad i didnt pay for the DJ (personally). THe meal was amazing and everyone was telling us how delish it was. It was long tho b/c we did the soup, salad, app and entree; it took a good 2 hours or so and we did speeches in between courses. Where are you planning your ceremony and dinner to be??
  4. Hi there, It's really personal choice I would say. We did a 4pm wedding and then headed to Poseidon for a private dinner. Our guests headed to the restaurant for 6pm and we got there at about 6:30pm (after photos). There was an open bar and then we sat for dinner around 7pm or so. I really liked the private dinner and we had our first dance there. THen we did sky lanterns on the beach and then headed to the Infinity bar for drinks etc. I will say that our meal was extremely filling (we picked the one with the soup, salad and app tho), so there would have been no room in our bellies if we had apps beforehand, but again, you could probably have a later dinner time in that case perhaps?
  5. I just got back from our trip, married July 24, it was amazing. Everything went off without a hitch. My WC Nekeisha was a star; she was awesome before I left and even better down there, she rocks! We all loved the resort, it's incredible. Food was soooo good, everything was fantastic. I would go back in a heartbeat. Any questions let me know! Sarah
  6. Hello - does anyone have any ideas for the actual ceremony? Other than one reading we have nothing planned and I am worried it is going to be over in 5 minutes! Any ideas welcome!! thanks, Sarah
  7. Does anyone remember seeing that funny door hanger card that was in Patois? I thought I saw it on this thread but now I can't find it. If anyone has it, would you mind please sending it to me? thanks! Sarah
  8. Thanks for your advice ladies! Lena I was assigned my wedding coordinator 2 months ahead too, if that helps.... thanks Sarah
  9. Sher - when is your wedding? Mine is July 24 on the beach - sounds like we might be there at the same time!! Are you guys just gonna go the disco after your dinner? That is what we will do, we are not paying for a DJ either. Amanda - I am thinking about writing a note to our guests that they will get in their room, with a few suggested group get togethers. Do you think that would be useful? I can't see how else to plan group stuff. It wouldn't be practical to call everyone all the time! I don't want to not see my group the whole week and I know some people want to get together for pool time/drinks etc. Any suggestions?? thanks ladies! Sarah
  10. How are you lovely brides getting all your stuff to the resort? are you paying for extra luggage or are you shipping it ahead of time? any tips would be appreciated! thanks Sarah
  11. My WC told me the ceremony time counts towards the hour, because apparently they may still play in the background... What is everyone doing for the actual ceremony so it's not 5 minutes long only! Not sure about the sand ceremony, have someone doing a reading; anyone have any good ideas out there?! thanks! Sarah
  12. Hi - for anyone who has hired the steel drum band, if you pay for just 1 hour and they play while you walk down the aisle, does the ceremony time count towards the hour? Ie, will that eat up the time they will play after the ceremony? Thanks! 2 months & counting Sarah
  13. Can I ask how you did the door hanger on Vistaprint? I love that idea and am gonna steal it lol! Another question - did you get upgraded to the honeymoon suite? We booked one of the Villas but are hoping to have a bit of seclusion from the rest of the group (and a GOOD oceanview is very important to me!). Man I would hate to end up being next door to our parents or something! haha. Thanks again...Sarah
  14. WOW thank you - this is awesome. How did you know about the bar and the tours etc; had you been to the resort before? So was your bonfire on the beach the cocktail party for $12/person? That sounds amazing!! Did you have more than 50 people in order to have the beach bbq for your wedding day? We have about 30, but I would love to have dinner on the beach...
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