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  1. Hi ladies I have sad news. My fiance decided he's not ready to get married so the wedding is off and were no longer together. we've been together 8 yrs and this was totally unexpected. so had to tell the guests that booked already and everyone is getting their money back. now i just have to find a way toget back my deposit i sent to marlene i really hope she gives it back :confused: but I do want to say this forum was an amazing help in planning and you ladies have been great and I know all of you will be beautiful
  2. JGcorona, JRM - thankful for your reviews! I was wondering if you and your hubby were separated before the ceremony and if so how did that work out (how were you transported separately) I do not want us to see eachother until ceremony. Also, did they do a good job with your cake was it what you expected and wanted? I'm a little worried about that. Thanks ladies
  3. I havent been on here in a while but I want to thank everyone of you for all your posts they are really great help throught this process. Dizajaya your review was a BIG help makes me feel at ease being that I am not doing a prior visit . (LOVE the hairdo BTW) Just out of curiousity if you dont mind. How much was your airfare? I keep looking and its so high right now. The last time i went to DR i only paid like $350 roundtrip nonstop. I see its in the $600-$700s right now EEK.
  4. Anyone like to share wedding invite ideas or pictures!? I'd love to see!
  5. Sunny I was just curious about the form we had to get notarized and fill out saying we were single if it had to be printed or could it just be written out? They have an outline on the WEDO website I was just going to copy and paste that and fill in the blanks then leave the portion to be signed blank until I got it notarized....Also wanted to know what the total cost ended up coming to bc I thought I read somewhere they charge per sheet they have to translate and thats X 2 I guess for my fiance and I.... I'm going to the court and we're going to say we lost our birth certificates so we can both get another one and I'll send them that 2nd one in case it gets lost or something I still have the original... i'm kinda worried about identity theft but I guess our identity cant be stolen with just a birth certificate
  6. Has anyone sent out the wedo wedding documentation I'm about to start the process I just had a question about the notarized paper we need to send them....
  7. Trivera I plan on bringing starfishes from oriental trading website, I really don't want to carry with too much but hopefully with the flowers and starfish it will look a lot better...I also am bringing miniature maracas that will be at each place setting I found them on oriental trading too they're plain wooden ones I can paint myself
  8. Hi disazaja I'm not sure about how exactly I'm taking my dress. I guess as my carry on. When I book my flight I'm going to call and see if I can keep it upfront so I don't have to sqoosh it uptop above the seats . As for my hubby he wants to wear a dark beige suit for ceremony and pictures but is taking jacket off for reception. The groomsmen will not have the jackets.
  9. I just wanted to share the info I recieved about the residency requirement. My TA says there is no legal residency requirement for the Dominican republic the resorts set their own residency requirement so they have time to meet with you. Saturdays and Sundays do not count bc the WC is busy with weddings. She spoke to marlene and asked. My wedding is a Saturday and I am arriving on a Wednesday and she said that wouldn't be a problem. I guess just call to double check for what day you wanted to arrive.
  10. Trivera sorry took me so long to reply but in order to get group rates I had to reserve at least 10 rooms. I reserved 15 and had to put a $1500 deposit but just like disazaja said you have up until the 120 days to get your money back or remove rooms without penalty. And we get that money back were just putting it towards our stay. I went through my TA and used travel impressions company it includes transfers. I only reserved two different room categories jnr suite & oceanfront jnr suite club premium. My rates are based on at least a three night stay then a set price for each additional night and prices depend on how many ppl in a room the more ppl in a Rm it is a little less pricewise. but for example a jnr suite with two ppl is $344 for 3 nights then an( all prices are per person) additional $97 per person per night depending how many nights they want to stay.(so two ppl in a jnr suite for 3 nights is $688 total)then for oceanfront a room with 2 ppl for 3 nights is $465 and an additional $137 per person per night. I reserved more jnr suites than oceanfront thinking everyone would probably go with cheaper prices but so far majority of guests want oceanfront.
  11. Trivera are you checking prices on the barcelo website? I was worried about that too that's why I locked in my group rates. I didn't want to take the chance. My TA told me when I locked in my group rates that they weren't updated for 2013 yet mine are 2012 but since I locked them in they wouldn't change if prices went up for next June. So maybe they are the new rates. Try calling the 1-800 # for barcelo they are helpful. I think that's a big $ difference. Maybe if you call they will know why and when best time to book is.
  12. I love this forum and all you ladies. This forum is so helpful I wouldn't know what to do without you guys! Seriously. Teena84 I sent my wire transfer and haven't got a response either and its been like 3 weeks! I sent a copy of the transfer to marlene. My TA still hasn't got a response from her. Grr
  13. JG Corona did you have to pay extra for your rehearsal dinner or did you just make reservations for your party at the restaurant?
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