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  1. We just got married at EPM July 27 and we used Beach Wedding Studio - previously called VIP, I think. Juan Carlos and his team were amazing. We met with him a few days before the wedding and he was really friendly and professional. He was amazing the day of, I swear he was everywhere at once! We also received all of our pictures just a few days later - he even dropped them off at another hotel that we were honeymooning at. The pictures are beautiful. We really enjoyed working with them.
  2. Hi all - can any past brides shed any light on getting ready at the spa the day of? My 6 bridesmaids, my mom and FI's mom are getting our hair done between noon and 3:30, and I was thinking we would just hang around there with snacks and drinks during the day while everyone was getting done. The woman I spoke with at the spa said it may be too small for that? What did you all do? Anyone have a similar size group and did you hang in the spa or your own room? Appreciate the insight! Wedding is 2 weeks from today, and I am still unsure of so many things!! Thanks! Alexis
  3. Hey Dana! May I ask who your coordinator is and where she is reserving tables for rehearsal dinner? Thanks!!
  4. Hi ladies! Can any brides shed any light on shopping for contents of welcome bags while there? I'm thinking there are probably some places to get some great things at good costs, and not have to ship or bring. Appreciate the info! Alexis
  5. Hi girls! I have a couple questions I was hoping a past bride could answer - or anyone else that may have the info We are doing the ceremony on the beach and will likely have a good amount of people - maybe around 60. Is it hard to hear the officiant and the bride and groom? Did anyone use microphone/speakers? I hate when you go to a ceremony and you can't hear what anyone is saying, so I wanted to check on this. I asked Nayeli almost 2 and a half weeks ago, but you know how it goes. Also, does anything need to be rented (tables, chairs, linens) for cocktail hour at the X lounge? Did any past brides decorate there? It looks pretty as is, but wanted to check so it's not a surprise. Any past brides who had their reception at the CECO terrace, did you rent a dance floor or just go with the concrete floor that's there? Is a dance floor necessary? Appreciate input so much! Alexis
  6. Samuel, After choosing the destination, photography is the next most important step of my fiance's and my planning process. We took weeks to narrow down our search of towns, beaches and resorts, finally deciding on Excellence Playa Mujeres. Currently, we have been researching photographers for about a month and a half. As every bride realizes, when the day is over (in the blink of an eye!) all that remains is your memories and photos that will be treasured and shared for the remainder of your lives. While I can't wait to pick out flowers and cakes and bridesmaid dresses, it is the photographer that will set the tone for how we remember the wedding. He or she is the one that is going to make those flowers and that cake look beautiful in the photos that my fiance and I will pore over as soon as they come in. These photos will be seen by all of our family and friends - those who honored us with their presence at the wedding, as well as those who were unable to attend. And most importantly, these photos will be there for our kids and grandkids. My fiance and I will tell the story of our wedding with as much detail as possible, but actually showing images of us exchange vows all dressed up will be priceless. Specifically, I am so excited to see images of myself getting ready with my mother and sisters, my fiance and I seeing each other for the first time and our first kiss as husband and wife. Pictures of all of the friends and family that chose to make the trip to support us are also very important to us. We chose a destination wedding because we wanted to be in a beautiful place as we made this beautiful promise to each other, and we are looking forward to someone capturing the joy and beauty of the day in photos for us to treasure always. Alexis
  7. Hi girls! I'm starting to think of invitations, and I wanted to see what kind of wording everyone was using on theirs. If you've already done invitations and you don't mind, please share!! Thanks!
  8. Thanks Lynn! That is so good to know - since my questions about this have gone unanswered for weeks Can I see those pics please?
  9. Thanks so much, I appreciate your info!! The WC will have a back up for rain, I'm assuming...right??
  10. Thanks! While you were there, did you see any inside options for reception? I want it outside, but we're unsure if that will be too uncomfortable in July. Does anyone else have any experience there in the summer?
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