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  1. horrible!!!!! I brought my own photographer. They must be on the property for two nights in order to be there. SO WORTH IT! My photographer was a friend, she stayed the whole trip, and took pics of the whole weekend! I highly suggest it! So fabulous
  2. Hello all!! I have my wedding coming up in January 2013. Note to ALL brides with future dates coming up...I highly suggest sending out your invitations sooner than later. I sent mine out the first week in September requesting all RSVP's back by December 1st.... All the low end rooms are all sold out now. Alot of the people that thought they were going to attend are not now because they don't have the means to reserve a suite. -If youhave people staying off the resort here is the cost for them to come to beaches resort: Rehearsal dinner day: $255pp Wedding Day: $75pp on top of what you pay for their food FYI!!!!! I have been speaking with Roxi almost daily now so please let me know any questions you might have! Some questions I have had... -has anyone has the "well wine"? I am looking to upgrade to the manager's wine list, but want to see if the wine they have with the deluxe bar is fine? -did anyone inquiry about having cigars at the wedding?? -DJ: Did you give the DJ a list of songs you wanted played? -I am looking to bring my own plate chargers and napkin rings...has anyone else do anything like this??
  3. Hi all! Just curious, does anyone have a wedding video I can see as an example of eith er the Resort or an outside vendor?? Just curious on what others have to offer... Also, I am getting married Jan 26th....How bad am I going to have to worry about bugs during this time of year?? Also, Also, girls that did welcome bags...Did you have the resort give them to the guest at check in? leave them in their rooms? in person?
  4. Hey everyone! I had my phone call with Roxi on Tuesday. It went very well and she couldn't have been sweeter. The phone call lasted about an hour and a half. Words of wisdom for those that haven't had their phone call yet: -Do your research! By reading this blog helped me a lot! It's worth the time to read the whole thing. -It was kind of like pulling teeth with her as far as having an a la carte customized wedding. Ask questions about what each resort has! Make it your dream wedding because it is definitely possible to! They have a lot more than they say they do online! -Note if you get a 3 hour reception that includes (1 hour cocktail reception, 2 hour dinner recption) Other hours need to be added. -Also if you book 12 or more rooms you get the cocktail reception for free and they credit it to the 3 hour recption price. -Review your end invoice, there was lots of errors on mine,, but Roxi was very quick to change it -To clarify on documents.... No raised seal is needed. It can be raised seal or stamped seal. I suggest getting it in ASAP so if any adjustments need to be made, you can do so! Question for you all? Who is the best WC AT beaches Turks and Caicos? I have heard all different types of reviews on the wedding coordinators. I want to request a good one since party will be so large.
  5. Thanks so muich for the information!!! What are the views from the French Village??
  6. For those interested in Videography...... I am debating using beaches videographer and wedit.com. For those that have used the beaches videographer, what did you think?? Where you inpressed? How did the videos turn out. I would love to see some if at all possible. For those who don't know what wedit.com is: $25 down deposit $200 for the week of cameras $200-$400 for editting of video They give five flip cams for the week of your wedding. All your friends and family take the footage. You send the cameras back and they edit a video for you to music! Pretty cool deal...just not sure about the high quality, but the price is amazing ... Let me know what you guys think!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses! I do have a few other questions. My conference call is with Roxi next Tuesday. Is she good or should I request another planner?? I have no problem doing that! hahaha We are getting married Jan 26th, 2013 Estimated guests in our party 75 Staying in the French Village 1. How does everyone feel about the DJ vs. calypso band and steel drum band? 2.Did any do the large rehearsal dinner on the beach?? 3.Veil? yes or no? I have heard that it is very windy there? 4.For my large party, what location do people suggest for reception venue? 5.This make up and hair girl everyone is talking about "Shenque", does she come to the resort? Do we go to her? Prices etc? 6.Also my best friend is a photographer and will be doing our pictures. Any suggestions on how to go about this?? Some people say you need to pay a fee. I have her staying at the resort for four nights in her own room. 7.Food....has anyone done anything other than the preplanned menu, I'm not crazy about everything on it! Can they offer entrees like lobster, fish, filet? Thanks everyone!
  8. Hi All! I am loving this website. The most information I have found on Beaches T&C thus far! I am getting married there 1/26/2013.
  9. Hi Everyone! I am getting married at The Beaches Turks and Caicos on January 26th, 2013. Dealing with the wedding coordinators feels somewhat blinding. My question for all of you is, what am I getting into? What are the do's and don't of the resort? Regrets? Things you wish you would have done or done better? What type of cake to get? Flowers? pricing, good ones, etc? Previous weather in January? Also, photography and videography??? I'm so nervous about this. I saw a girl would had a third party vendor photographer? How is that possible? Also, how does everyone feel about the videography options? Please...if anyone has photos of their wedding, if they could send me some, it might ease my mind Thanks so much everyone! Jacquelynkupferer@gmail.com
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