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  1. Thank you!! And you are very welcome! It makes me SO HAPPY that I was able to warn/prevent others from going through what we went through.. nobody should spend their arrival day crying!! It's crazy but while we were there we talked to several people who told us they also started out over at Sunrise and moved to Nizuc, and we (and our guests) heard several people complaining at the front desk about how they were in Sunrise and it was awful. I just don't understand WHY they keep putting people over there.. especially considering the resort is virtually empty right now- it's not like they don't have the room in Nizuc! It doesn't make any sense.. And yes there are king beds & 2-bedroom family rooms in Nizuc. We had a king bedroom that joined with a second bedroom with two twin beds (for our daughters) and my sister's family had the same kind of room. And our other guests had the single king rooms.
  2. We got home last night, my now-husband and I are sick as crap with colds & sinus infections.. I think the nasty air in the airplane got us sick. I will do my Moon Palace review soon, hopefully this week. All in all, we had a great experience and I am very happy with Moon Palace. It got off to a VERY rough start, but after that first day it was pretty much perfect. In fact, I was crying all morning yesterday because I didn't want to leave. Bottom line, Sunrise is AWFUL. Stay away from it and you'll be fine. Nizuc is awesome. The staff everywhere at Moon Palace is sweet as can be, and very attentive & helpful. The weather was absolutely perfect!! Didn't rain until the very last day there, which is funny considering the weather reports were all saying rain every day of our trip, haha! The wedding was beautiful, it far exceeded my expectations.. I was shocked at how perfect it was. I wish I wouldn't have spent so much time stressing over decorations & little things like fans & bubbles because nobody noticed or used them at all.. lol My coordinator was Teresa, and she was nice.. thankfully everything went well though, because after the ceremony she was GONE- I never saw her again. I thought the coordinator was supposed to be around until the reception? We directed everyone to the cocktail hour & reception, she was nowhere to be found- which was a bit strange to me. And I was a bit irritated that they don't offer rides in the golf carts to the ceremony to the guests, only the bride (and whomever is walking with the bride). We asked for a ride for the older family members since the gazebo was somewhat far away, and they told me that isn't possible.. I was a bit pissed about that. I was surprised at how empty the resort was.. I guess since it's the off-season, but it was really almost dead. It was weird! But I guess that was sort of nice because nowhere was crowded, and we did got a lot of attention from the staff. Oh and one more thing about MP that bothered me and some of our guests- the pillows & bed linens smelled horrible. Like a nasty mildew smell. It bothered me a LOT. I guess because of the humidity there isn't much that can be done about that, but if I would have known this I would have brought my own pillow & pillowcase.. just a thought! The food was ok.. definitely not as good as I was expecting. It was really hit or miss- but in general, the food was almost identical at every restaurant (especially the desserts). It was weird how basic things like pancakes tasted SO much different there than they do here in the US. I think it's because the staples like milk taste different than what we're use to. I will do a breakdown in my review thread. Here are a couple pictures- I can't wait to get the ones from our photographer (Octavio Montes)! So if any of you have an upcoming wedding, I HIGHLY suggest making sure you aren't in Sunrise.. I still can't believe they booked us all there. I don't understand why/how they would think anybody would be happy there. It was horrible. Ugh.. Me & my dad: My husband & I: Our officiant was REALLY sweet, I liked her a lot: My daughters: There are coffee makers in the rooms but they are tiny, and old looking. I love coffee and I wouldn't use it. There is a little place in the Nizuc lobby called "Coffee & Sweets" and their coffee is really good. I tried the hot coffee & the frappes only, and they were great. My sister had a couple lattes and an iced coffee and seemed to like them too.
  3. Ok I just wanted to give you ladies a little bit of a heads up. We got here today at around noon, and I have been crying ever since. It is awful. An absolute nightmare. First of all, if you are booked in the Sunrise section- GET IT CHANGED ASAP!!! This is a damn construction site.. literally. The lobby was full of drilling, hammers & drywall dust. Then our room wasn't ready because somebody was still in it.. so we were told it would be a "few hours". So in the meantime, we were forced to listen to a TIMESHARE SALES PITCH by a pushy salesperson, pressuring us to meet him for breakfast tomorrow morning "for a quick information session". Um, no thanks. Then we were put in to a temporary room while we waited for ours, and we had to walk like half a mile THROUGH A CONSTRUCTION ZONE, complete with all of us getting construction dust in our eyes as we walked like 3 ft away from people drilling into the ground and laying concrete. Nice. The hallway of our section of Sunrise is covered in dust, nails, trash, and weird somewhat-skanky guests that look like they were given a free room in lieu of a free timeshare seminar. Long story short, we raised holy hell to have us and all of our guests moved to Nizuc. Thank God our families don't get here until tomorrow- I would have been mortified to have them see this. I can't even describe how horrible it is. Sitting here crying as I type this post. This has been horrible. This "dream wedding" I have been planning for the last 8 months has just crumbled in a matter of minutes. I have been living & breathing this wedding, ensuring every detail is perfect.. this couldn't be any less perfect if it tried- it's the complete polar opposite. Oh and we were starving so we went to for dinner at Bugambilia- and I can't convey how horrible it was. Nasty, gelatinous old food. I ate chips & salsa, my daughters had fries. That's it. I took a bite of one of the desserts and had to spit it out and thought I was going to puke. I'll give more details later.. just wanted to tell you this in case you are coming here any time soon and are staying at Sunshine. The guy at the desk told us that our travel agent would have been notified of the construction.. I don't know how true that is, but regardless, I'm pissed. And sad. God this is a nightmare.
  4. Ok it looks like Tropical Storm "Patty" has weakened and been downgraded to a Tropical Depression... whew! Feeling MUCH better now. God I can't believe we leave in 2.5 days... seemed like it was SO far away- can't believe it's finally here!! SO EXCITED!!!!
  5. So apparently there is a tropical storm (named "Patty") heading towards Cancun.. Supposed to hit 10/16-10/18. Just in time for my wedding. Freakin GREAT. As much as I have been told there really isn't a need to stress about rain since the showers are usually short- isn't a tropical storm a totally different issue? I hate this. So ready for it to be overwith- I can't handle this stress. A damn tropical storm.. just what I needed
  6. Aww thanks for the positive words.. that means a lot to me! I know that's what I need to do- I have been driving my poor fiance absolutely INSANE looking at weather sites. He's been telling me over & over exactly what you said.. maybe I should start listening. Honestly I would be perfectly ok with it raining while we are there- I just feel bad for my guests that have spent thousands & thousands of dollars to come there, you know? Thanks again Smoylan
  7. I REALLY hope this is wrong.. http://www.accuweather.com/en/mx/cancun/235049/october-weather/235049 My wedding is on the 18th.. we will be there from the 15th to the 21st. Nothing but rain the entire time. I'm freaking out.. I mean, full-on anxiety attack right now.
  8. Yeah I am pretty much freaking out.. We leave on 10/15, and i'm driving myself crazy looking at the 10-day forecast already! Nothing but rain every day.. every freakin day! What was I thinking booking a wedding at the peak of the damn hurricane season?? Ugh. I know everyone says to not focus on the weather, but rather what we're there for- but I can't help it. It WILL ruin the trip if it rains the entire time.. period. At least for me.. I wish I was more positive about stuff
  9. I'll be there with you both as well! Lets start crossing our fingers for some GOOD WEATHER I originally started emailing Maria, because I got her name on here from another bride, but I never got a single response from her. I finally got fed up with it and complained to my travel agent (destinationweddings .com) and she made some phone calls and spoke with the Director/Manager of weddings there and chewed him out over how they are completely ignoring me, and surprisingly I received a call and an email from Maria that evening. She was really nice and apologetic about it, but it didn't make it ok that she freakin IGNORED all of my emails (which was probably 15-18 total) until she was told by her boss to contact me. My wedding is in 53 days.. aren't they telling brides they will be contacted in 90 days?! I booked back in March!! I mean come on.. I am so glad I had my travel agent to make some calls and get someone in touch with me, luckily she was able to do that because she sends MP a LOT of business. Honestly my advice would be to call and ask to speak with a manager or have your TA contact MP for you because you most likely won't hear back from Maria.
  10. Oh wow, that's what I was afraid of. This is exactly why I need to talk to my mythical WC.. whomever that may be. I have now tried to contact 4 different people at MP, all without success. Tomorrow im calling, and it's not gonna be a pleasant conversation. Im past the point of being friendly with them.
  11. I emailed her early yesterday and never got a response... did you email or call? I swear it's like my emails to them are going into junk mail! Arghh!
  12. You are two days after me.. so we'll be there at the same time! Lets start crossing our fingers for a great week there... SO NERVOUS, UGH!! Ok this is a stupid question, but does Moon Palace book only one bride per time slot? Like I am 10/18/12 at 4pm.. am I the only bride on 10/18/12 at 4pm? Just wondering how the location bookings go.. like if I want xyz gazebo is there a chance it could be booked, or would all locations be available?
  13. You are two days after me.. so we'll be there at the same time! Lets start crossing our fingers for a great week there... SO NERVOUS, UGH!! Ok this is a stupid question, but does Moon Palace book only one bride per time slot? Like I am 10/18/12 at 4pm.. am I the only bride on 10/18/12 at 4pm? Just wondering how the location bookings go.. like if I want xyz gazebo is there a chance it could be booked, or would all locations be available?
  14. Me either.. Im 10/18/12 and I have yet to speak with anyone. Except for an email I got a couple months ago from someone in Miami with ANOTHER COUPLE'S confirmation. Wrong names, wrong wedding date and everything . I emailed to ask WTF that was all about, and never heard back from her. So I called and spoke with her and she apologized for sending the wrong brides information. Terrifying huh? So I asked her over and over again if she does have OUR correct wedding info and she assured me she did. Im guessing some other bride got my info. Idiots. She then promised me she would email me some info, never happened, and planned a "telephone planning session" for June 18.. June 18 came and the call never happened. I emailed her and the email came back as being undeliverable.. which is when I found out the Miami office is gone. So now im even more freaked out & worried than before.. I don't think these people know what the hell they are doing, my wedding is in 3 months and I have NO idea what is going on. I don't think anyone will ever contact me. If I call them who would I ask for, since I don't know who my planner is (though I doubt I even have one assigned). Im really starting to wish I could go back in time and not have booked my wedding there .
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