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  1. With that many people you would qualify for unlimited private events at the Moon Palace. Check out the Moin Palace 2012 thread, it's DETAILED!
  2. Oh cool! That option isn't actually listed under any of the packages so I didn't know. I knew about the private dinner $22/person but never heard mention of the semi-private for free option.
  3. Question, which wedding package comes with a private rehearsal dinner? I thought even the gold pkg only includes a cocktail hour and private reception.
  4. 11am, 3pm, 5pm April to oct 11am, 2pm, 4pm nov to march I vote yes on a travel agent
  5. 11am, 3pm, 5pm (April to oct) 11am, 2pm, 4pm (nov to march) Hope that helps. (and we will prob be going with a travel agent too).
  6. Am I the only one that wishes they could have their ceremony at the E Cancun JUST for that sexy looking beach gazebo, then do everything else at EPM? May12 - I loved the idea of X-Lounge for welcome drinks but that's also where I want to have my cocktail hour because it just looks so chic. So I need to find a different place. I was thinking maybe the Martini Bar? (free). Private cocktail and appy event on property ($800ish), or Sunset Catamaran cruise with appys and open bar ($1400ish). Though with the catameran I worry that it will be better with a full dinner because of the time of day, but wow pricey.
  7. Ok so Llenny got back to me this morning appologising about the mistype. She meant as of Dec 20 you can book for 2015, so yaaaaay! I have all the information I need to know it's just a waiting/save money game
  8. Ha ha ha I work for a major high end hotel chain and it's slow season for us as well. I am most definitely hijacking her email at this time of year on purpose! Hahaha.
  9. I'm looking ahead to 2015 and a LOT can change in that time so i dont want to bug them TOO much now, but I'm kind of type A when it comes to event planning which is why im trying to get as much info as possible now. So when the time comes closer it will all be done in a snap. Its so funny because after i stopped freaking out i was able to whip up an adjusted STD/Invite timeline for the 6 months. Its a little cramped, semi vague 11 months out but doable. I'm really hoping that she mis-typed and meant it in a way that gives us a year. But I did write her back to double check. She has been GREAT response wise those. I saw some questionable reviews on Llenny from some ladies here but she has gotten back to me in 2 days every single time. I can always expect an answer "the day after tomorrow". Thanks danak71, knowing you picked a date a year out puts me at ease.
  10. Ya, I was fairly bumbled, but then I was like, "do I want to try to find a whole new wedding location over a bonfire?". No, no I don't, so I'm thinking maybe a Welcome Cocktail Sunset catamaran cruise? By the way, I have been speaking with Llenny and does this sound odd to anyone... If I want to book for 2014, you can't hold your date until Dec 2013. So depending on when you want to get married that only gives you 1-12 months to tell everyone. Like if I want Feb. my guests only get 3 months notice. What the heck!? How are people supposed to have time to save money? I want mid June, my date won't be held until Dec, so what, I can only send out my save the dates 6 months in advance? These people are going to need at LEAST a year to save. Do I send them out a year early anyway saying "Save the Date Summer 2015" or "Save the Date June 2015" Then just cross my fingers and pray June doesnt get all sold out before I can hold my date? I wanted to do brochure save the dates so that people have resort info and can start booking early, maybe do payment installments etc, but they can't do that if I don't even have a solid date until 6 MONTHS OUT. IM FREAKIN OUT MAN!!! How come I've never seen this mentioned on the boards before!?
  11. Just found out from Lleny that they don't allow private bonfires on the beach!?!? This was going to be my "THING"! My "thanks for coming out, night after the wedding" thing. :'( It all seemed so perfect until I found this out... I really wanted a private bonfire.
  12. Almost EVERYONE is in the same city as us otherwise that would be an awesome argument. I was thinking of even setting it 2 years out to give everyone even MORE time to save money. If they stay for 4 nights that's what, $1800? So over 24 months that's $66/month set aside. I spent that on PIZZA AND HOT WINGS the other night! Maybe that's my argument right there. I was born in the Caribbean and really want to do this next to the ocean. You guys are all so great. I really feel like this can happen!
  13. No wedding date yet. The other night we were thinking it could be really nice if the two of us just eloped to Mexico for a week. Then we realized how quickly his mom would kill us. But I still love the idea of Mexico so I'm trying to make Mexico a viable option. I was also really set on the Moon Palace for a while, but I feel like budget wise Excellence could be the best way to go. 20 people covered AND a cocktail hour and private dinner and only $45/person for extra ppl and I CAN'T see us having more than 50ppl there in total. It seems really perfect budget wise on our end but... I just need that perfect argument of "come ON, look at how cheap it really is to come!" to get everyone else on board. He is worried that no one would come because of cost.
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