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  1. Hmm, that's strange.. I wonder why you can't see the pics directly from the site without having to download.. Unforunately, there are too many pics for me to email... is there some specific you would want to see?
  2. Thank you! We went with a Sand Extravaganza package that was offered by the resort and held our wedding on the beach. Our package included a centrepiece and bridal bouquet (which we did not need, and they added flowers to our cake) but on the day of, we were pleasantly surprise with draping and flowers on our gazebo (probably from a prior wedding) and pretty isle runner. Reception was held at La Brasa terrace. We rented the sound system and projector and brought our own media. Our photographer was Caribbean Emotions and they did a wonderful job.
  3. I bought it at a boutique called "Bridal Suite" in Toronto. It's Mori Lee Style 4971 Thank you!
  4. Thanks! I found the tutorial that I had used. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/68275-diy-wedding-dress-hanger-tutorial/ Good luck!!
  5. Hello Brides To Be!! Even though my wedding has since come and gone (I know it’s been over 6 months!!!), I still wanted to share my planning and DIY projects with future brides looking for ideas and inspiration. This site was super helpful to me during my planning days and had inspired me to do things on my own rather than spending a ton of $$ on things. In the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!! Here we go…. Hope you find this helpful Engagement My then Fiancé and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Puerto Plata, DR. During dinner, we exchanged cards as we do every year. The card he gave me was for a 25th wedding anniversary, where he wrote from the future looking back at all the years we’ve been married and together. Funny enough, the idea of an upcoming proposal didn’t even cross my mind. He suggested that after dinner, we could take a walk on the beach while listening to music on his iPod (the songs he wanted to listen to were ones we used to listen to while we were first dating). At first I was like “Meh… that’s ok” But he pushed for it and I reluctantly obliged. LOL. So we’re on the beach, the music is playing… he skips a couple songs and I’m like “I thought you wanted to hear these songs..?” Next thing I know he skips the last song and I hear a recording with his voice! He was professing his love to me! My eyes instantly filled with tears as we listened to his recorded speech. Once that finished, our song came on next and I watched as my Fiancé reached into his pocket for the ring, get down on one knee and extended the open box towards me. There it was - The Proposal. I was literally speechless and bawling my eyes out. I never thought I’d be so emotional (although I’m not surprised, as I’m such a sap). I must’ve kept him waiting in suspense for what he felt was a lifetime but was probably a good long minute.. before I said “YES!”. The Rings My husband knows me so well – he chose the perfect engagement ring for me: Simple, yet beautiful! It’s so me! For our wedding bands, he wanted a plain white gold band and I again wanted something simple that would fit perfectly with my engagement ring… et voila: Ocean Blue & Sand Resort (Punta Cana, DR) We thought a beach wedding was the best way to get hitched, as we both LOVE the beach and the heat! Not to mention, we knew that an all inclusive destination wedding would be financially more feasible for the both of us. Since our very first trip away together was Punta Cana, we decided that would be the perfect destination to tie the knot. J After doing research on a bunch of different resorts on our own and with our Destination Wedding specialist (Karen from MyWeddingAway.com), we stumbled upon Ocean Blue & Sand. This resort looked beautiful and offered amazing wedding packages! After reading people’s reviews and having received great feedback from friends who’ve been, we decided that OB&S was THE resort for us. THE Dress I looked at several different dresses before I found THE one. I knew I wanted one that beautiful and simple, would be easy to move around in, not too heavy, and still look like a traditional wedding dress instead of one typical for a beach wedding. His Suit He wore a white dress shirt under a khaki coloured 3 piece suit custom tailored from Empire Customs. Accented with blue tie. Save the Date I designed our save the date magnets on Vistaprint.ca using a picture I had taken from our first trip to Punta Cana as the background and just added text. DIY Passport Invitations & Boarding Pass RSVP The first of many DIY projects… I loved the idea of using Passports and Boarding passes as invitations. I personalized all of these for our guests (Husband’s amazing idea ) The passport pages were designed on Microsoft Word and printed onto white cardstock purchased from Michael’s. I hand stamped a palm tree using a gold stamping ink and printed out the text in black and went over it with gold marker I perforated each boarding pass using my paper cutter… tedious but did the trick! LOL I found pictures of the resort and used them for the front of the luggage tag.. on the back I made the template for people’s address Pocket folds to hold the Passport, Boarding Pass, Luggage tags, & RSVP envelope Made these ribbons with our monogram to bundle our invitations Final products DIY Bouquets & Boutonnières I ordered artificial flowers from eBay and efavormart.com and spent approximately $145 to make 6 bouquets and 7 boutonnières. Best part of this is that I can keep my bouquet forever! Here is my bouquet Bouquets for the girls Boutonnières for the boys DIY Dress Hangers I found an awesome tutorial online so thought I’d give it a shot on my own. They turned out pretty good for a first timer. I made one of myself, and each of the girls in the party. Hot glued a flower head on top to finish them off. DIY Centerpieces Artificial rose petals and diamond table confetti were from eBay, flowers and floating candles were from Michaels, vase and mirror plates were from Dollartree. DIY Table Numbers We decided to use Chinese words appropriate for a wedding as our table numbers and quotes that I found that related to each. We also add our own personal thank you message. DIY Menus and Programs Fans Both designed with Microsoft Word and printed on white cardstock from Michael’s OOT Bags We purchased plain white paper bags to put all of the goodies in for our guests. List of things we put in: Welcome letter, Wedding Day Schedule, Empty sand bottle, Personalized tumbler, Pashmina & purse holders (for the ladies), Cigar & condoms (for the gents), Chapstick, Immodium, Tylenol, Moist wipes, Glasses wipes, Bandaids, Candy and Gum. Well, that about sums up everything for my planning thread. I hope you all enjoyed the pics and details and that they are helpful in your planning. Jade
  6. I think it's your wedding, and you can absolutely have it anyway you choose to have it. We have 8 people in our wedding party. FI has 2 best men and 2 grooms men..I have 1 "honour attendant" who is my Brother, 1 MOH and 2 Bridesmaids. I have 3 brothers, 0 sisters.. I am super close with my 2nd brother; he is one of my best friends and i am honoured to have him on my side. Jade
  7. Awesome! When are traveling? And if u don't mind me asking, what rate did you get? I found it to be pretty expensive.. hopefully it'll go down.
  8. Ouch, sorry to hear TraceyJo .. I was originally quoted with Transat for Saturday to Saturday trip for my wedding but then when the contract was finally drawn up last week, it was changed to Sunday to Sunday. Not as drastic as your sudden change, but it just sucks that even though you're putting down a deposit to secure a specific trip period, it's not set in stone and anything can happen. I hope everything works out for you. Jade
  9. Congrats Alicia! I'm happy there is another now July bride at OB Have you booked your travel yet?
  10. Ladies, I asked my TA if she had heard anything about renovations at Ocean Blue. She got in touch with the Transat group coordinator who let her know that they have not be notified of any future renovations. Here is what else she wrote: The hotel does have to disclose any major work that would affect guests. There is always work going on at hotels to some degree but if its big like the pools or public areas then do have to disclose this information to you if it affects your travel dates as per TICO regulations. http://www.tico.ca/industry-info/disclosure-invoicing-requirements.html Let's hope things don't change and negatively affect any of our future weddings. Jade
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