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  1. thank you so much for the information Star! I'm going to book a regular room.
  2. hello ladies!! Did anyone get the honeymoon suit upgrade? if so what type of room did you buy your package with? they are telling me that I need to book a Preferred Club suit and then i will get an upgrade but on their website it says that the Preferred Club suit is the honeymoon suit!!! wtf?!? thank you Diana
  3. ok Tcruz21 and Msvasq, I sent you the pictures and my email is deemore@aol.com. I have a 30 min video of the whole hotel and the hotel rooms, they are pretty long but i'm going to see if i can email them to you, if not i'll post them on youtube so that you guys can see them.
  4. I went to visit, I'll email you guys all the pictures i have and just to warn you, I dont know how to do the whole "take a picture with your phone from a mirror" thing lol I was trying to get a good picture of my makeup to show my MOH lol so dont laugh lol
  5. Hi Tcruz21, Yea i have picture. Give me your email and I'll send them to you. I have a questions for everyone, when are you guys sending out your save the dates and invites? I was just wondering cause I don't want to send them out too early or late.
  6. Hey Tcruz21, I just got back this week from the Dreams Punta Cana and I had my hair and make-up done and they do an amazing job. I would only suggest bring your own make up that matches your skin tone but they are really good!!
  7. Hey Grace! Do you happen to know how much she charges for the Tiffany chairs? Also, the link you gave just takes me to shutterfly. Do you have other contact info for her?
  8. Hey Skyy! Yea we'll def meet up for some drinks!!! Yea just get back to me with your last question and I'll ask and find out.
  9. Yay!!!! I'll be there until either the 30th or 31st so maybe we can meet up! Also if anyone has any question they would like to me ask when i get there I'll be happy to ask and report back to everyone!
  10. hello Ladies!!!! I haven't been on this site for a while now and I see there are a few different brides logging on now!!! My date is set for 7/27/2013 and I'm actually going to the Dreams in 3 weeks to visit the hotel. Is anyone else getting married the same day?
  11. Thank you again Melly. Are you going to post some pics?
  12. Hey Ladies, Just wondering, is anyone doing a sand ceremony?
  13. Congrats Melly!!!! Thank you for answering all of the questions Jackie asked! (she asked everything i was going to lol) I was wondering, how much were they charging to have the huppah decorated? I'm thinking about doing the same thing because my FI doesn't like the plain linens. Also did you have a DJ?
  14. I got your email Jackie, thank you so much for the info!!
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