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    Photos 2013

    Some of our work from 2013!!
  2. Hi everyone, We've seen brides asking about flowers - and their availability in Mexico. Many flower types grow in Mexico itself, in the region of Chiapas (inland). However, there are other types of flowers that have to be imported, notably from Holland - hence the need to order flowers in advance and the difficulty in changing plans last minute It's a real jungle to be honest, and sometimes even flower specialists have to make some calls to find out what's available. If you are interested, we would love to have a chat with you on your flower ideas! We've put together a full catalogue of flower availability - so there is no doubt what flower is available when, where, in what colors and for what price! Visit our website at www.eventoseuforia.com, give us a call or shoot us an email at [email protected]!
  3. Hi Everyone In case you are looking for flowers available in the Riviera Maya / Cancun please feel free to contact us! We provide a full catalogue with flower lists, season, colors and pricing!
  4. Time flies ... it has been almost seven years since we opened doors in Cancun. True, with a 100-year family history in floral art it was just a matter of time for Hector Suarez & Alexandra Margain to take over the Riviera Maya; the development over the years has been such an amazingly humbling & wonderful experience, one that not even they themselves could have foreseen. What started out as a mission to revolutionize hotel decor in the luxury resorts along the Caribbean Sea rapidly turned into new opportunities, and clients & friends started approaching Euforia to provide floral decoration for events, too. And as the story goes, soon Euforia found itself conceptualizing full event and wedding designs, from floor to ceiling! Today we believe in creating magic moments, moments that blow your mind and take your breath away. We are architects of dreams that will stay in people's minds for a lifetime. We invite you to browse our photo gallery, check out our blog and website and sign up for Facebook updates on our latest weddings! We are excited to hear more about your wedding imagination ...
  5. You could also check out www.wedsite.com - one of our clients used it recently and loved it. It's very simple and looks like a story book Alternatively, if you want to play around a little more, you could go for a website done in flavors.me ... it's a simple clean website builder that costs 20 $ a year (if you go premium!) ...
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    Eventos Euforia

    A sample of our work.
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