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  1. @bonafidelatina Yes they do have packages where the tables and chairs that are already decorated. I can send you pictures of what my WC have forward to me that is included in the tangerine package? Please provide me your email, as I have no idea how to upload pictures on a post. lol
  2. @bonafidelatina I agree 110% with @tricia-m. There is also so much to do on the resort. What more could you ask for? You would never have to leave the resort for anything. None of our guests will be bored! There are mixed reviews on the food quality.. but I am not too worried. As long as you go in with low expectations you wont be disappointed.
  3. any one know about being able to use Chi straighteners (or any type of straightener) and curling irons in DR? I heard from some people you can't because North American styling tools are 110V and it will blow up your styling tool... even if you tried using a converter. Is this so? I think I'd go crazy if I can't use my styling tools.
  4. WOO HOO! Best of luck MissJali!!! Please come back and share your experience with us! Hi Shanna2015!!! I've started my "real" planning July 2013 and my wedding is April 8, 2014. Our wedding is going to cost us anywhere between $10K to $15K (this is including mine and my fiance's flights to and from Edmonton, Canada) . Some costs are are still up in the air. I am still debating on the spluring on LED lighting, Tiffany Chairs and extending our reception for addtional 2-3 hours. Here are some details of my wedding so you have a rough idea how much it may cost you. - Tangerine package - expecting 40ish guests - Catholic Ceremony at the Chapel - Reception at Bar Higuey - Gold Package for Photographer with Tropical Pictures - Sunset package for Videographer with Tropical Pictures If you have any more questions please let us know. The girls on here are amazing! We are all willing to share as much information as we can. Best of luck on your wedding planning! Holy cow you are expecting a lot of guests!! Good for you!!! Are any of your guests booking their package on their own and not with your travel agent? I have a few that are. I am trying to still figure out how I am going to keep track of everyone. Lol. I have never been to the resort so Its been really hard for me to plan my wedding! I may steal your idea about having our welcome dinner at Stikers. If that doesnt work out Im glad to know that the area where they hold evening shows is another good option. Is there any other place you would recommend? may be at one of the bars that is more central? Most of my guests are staying on the adults side and I have a few staying at the family side. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we wont be scattered all over the resort. The LED lighting will def. have a beautiful effect. I am for sure splurging on lighting and draping if we are extending our reception a few more hours. my WC has emailed me back yesterday and said to extend our reception its gonna cost us $15/pp PLUS extra $$ if we want to extend our hours with the DJ. I am thinking we will pass on extending the DJ and just use our Ipod and have a play list play from there. Haha yes, My original plan is to move the party to the disco but after really thinking about it, my Fiance and I want to keep our wedding more intimate, and since we're sprluging on drapping and LED lighting we should just keep everything at one location. Once we start moving locations, I think everyone will be tired and just go back to their rooms to sleep. lol.
  5. Hi LovelyGemini, I ordered my dress in July! I called the bridal store and they said they should be expecting it end of this month or early Feb. they reassured me that there will be enough time for another fitting and alternations if needed. I guess that will give me more time to get beach body ready and fit into dress. I was one of those girls that ordered one dress size smaller! haha How many people are you expecting for your party? I dont have a final head count either as I have some people that are looking to book last minute, hoping to fnid a better deal. As of today we have 37 guests booked.. we are expecing about another 4-5 people. Oh wow I had no idea they charged to have the welcome bags distributed. It will be way cheaper to do it ourselves. I am leaning towards a "welcome" dinner the day of arrival and handing out the bags then. Did you make reservations at Strikers for your welcome get-together? I need to figure out if they will take reservations at any of the restuarants and if I can book now. One less thing to stress about. how much is it for the draping in the ballroom? my WC is quoting us $2230 for Bar Higuey! If pricing is the same across the board, they charge $59/LED lighting. Here is the quote I got from my WC Tiffany chair unit 12 Drapping Bar Higüey (Casablanca ceiling and walls) 2230 Led par lights (each one) 59 I am blown away that is gonna cost $433 plus $15/pp to add an extra hour! That is ridiculous! thats gonna cost me $3,144 since we want to add additional 3 hours. We dont want to feel rushed and want extra time to dance the night away. lol
  6. Hi Ladies! Happy New Year! I hope everyone is happy, healthy and doing well. Its be a long time since I last logged on to the forum. Been so busy over the holidays and with work. Finally found some down time to catch up on the forum. My wedding is less than 4 months away. Im starting to get super nervous!! My dress still has not come in yet - starting to panic! I hope there will be enough time for alternations! It sounds like everyone's planning is going well. I still have a few items that I need to get for our welcome bags. I am still trying to decide the best way to present them to our guests - either shipping them over and having my WC Hildebranda place them in everyone's room upon their return or having a welcome party on the beach or restaurant and presenting it there. Any suggestions? We are having our reception at Bar Higuey and we are interested in using the LED par lighting, but according to Hildebranda the venue requires 24 lights at $59 a piece! Is 24 lights really neccessary?? I would at least like to have the lighting behind the drapes for the head table and the cake cutting table. Also, is anyone extending their time for the reception? I am going with the tangerine package and it includes 3 hours of reception time, but I am thinking that is going to be rushed and looking to extend it for additional 2 hours for a total of 5 hours. Any past brides have recommendations? Thank ladies for your time on these questions!! Any tips or opinions are welcome! Cheers!
  7. Omg I am way behind from you all! Lol. We've done our rough draft of our Formal wedding invites and hoping to have them sent out mid-september. I start wedding dress shopping next saturday. I have 2 appoinments booked. I have an idea of what I want, just hoping it looks good on! What are you plans for your centrepieces? I sent Marlene pictures of what I want my reception to look like. I really want to use the Tiffany's chair for my reception... but I cant believe they are $12 a piece to rent!! thats ridiclous if you ask me!
  8. @LovelyGemini Our wedding is just a few days apart!!!! How is your wedding planning coming along?
  9. They look great!! we're also doing passport invites. I wish I was crafty and had the time to DIY... so we're getting ours professionally done. Gonna cost us about $4.50/invite
  10. Awesome! Do you have picutres of your invites? I need to start ordering stuff for my OOT bags!
  11. What great taste you have!! Ya good idea, I'm going to email Marlene and see if she can send me pictures. How much planning have you done? Where are you holding your ceremony and reception?
  12. Good morning all you beautiful brides to be! I am also getting married at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe on April 8, 2014!! We will be having a catholic ceremony at the chapel and our reception at Las Bridas restaurant. The colors of our wedding will be purple plum and silver. Here is a link of an example of what I am trying to go for. http://blog.karentran.com/recent-weddings/lovely-purple-plum-wedding-vicky-and-nam/ Does anyone know if the resort offer these colors of decor and linens?
  13. hi ladies! I am thinking of having my wedding at this resort some time april of 2014! Niki, I have sent a friend request on fb... Name is Rochelle. Happy planning to you all!!
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    Edmonton Brides 2012/2013/ 2014...

    I'm an Edmonton Bride!! Getting married 2014 at the Iberostar Varadero Cuba!!!!
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    Keep us posted. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will honor the original quote they give you. You should get out Marlin Travel and Geo Travel. They were the most helpful and the fastest get getting back to me when I was getting my quotes.