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  1. Hi! I got married in July 7th at The Royal gazebo 5pm and had 98 guest. To be honest more chairs could have been added for additional guests. You may have to clarify with the wedding coordinator again sometimes they manage several wedding locations and maybe she got them confused. You can also wing the beach ceremony but you will still have bystanders watching. We had a protest marching up and down the beach soon after the Mexican Presidential election during our ceremony. I did not hear a thing but someone managed to get pictures. As far as security goes the answer is yes, they do an amazing job of avoiding any could be wedding crashers. After the ceremony, my husband and I were taking pictures close to the beach and a homeless man tried to come onto the property but was stopped quickly from trespassing. Hope this helps.
  2. Wow! So many beautiful brides from The Royal. I am very excited for everyone. I haven't posted much, but have read every post the last few months. My day is coming very soon, July 7th and am starting to wrap everything up! Literally. I have a repetitive question that I know has been posted a while back and guess I just want to be re-assured by recent brides about going through customs in Mexico with all the wedding stuff. My FI and I have been trying to do all the research we can to make sure we do all the right things. Is it true that we can only take $300 in merchandise into Mexico? Why? Is it because they try to eliminate the re-sale of items? Is the $300 per person? Do we need all receipts? No Made in China products? We are up to 96 guests and have all our OOT stuff. I decided to take on the challenge of getting each one of them flip flops plus other stuff. I got many of them with gift cards, so would this technically count in the $300? (confusion. . .what a pickle). Also, lots of the things we are taking have been personalized with our names so I just don't think that this items would cause a big fuss, but who knows. . . Any input is greatly appreciated! Rocio
  3. I don't mind, just give us about two more weeks. I have my chronological order complete just waiting for FI to do his part, then we plan to "intermingle" them. We think showing the picture for 3 seconds will be sufficient. It won't be anything fancy. I will have to figure out how to share 400 pictures on a slide show with you, I am not that computer savvy. I know it is a lot, but the slide show is going to be running during dinner when people are sitting and can look up if they feel like it. We aren't going to torture anyone to sit still for so long and just stare at the show, besides it takes away from dancing time!
  4. Hope I am not too late! I have not had my wedding yet, 25 days and counting, but did a site inspection and food tasting for my reception dinner in January with my Mom and Aunt. My FI and I jumped on printing invitations and RSVPs for Beef and Salmon before tasting the food which was a mistake. Not because the Salmon did not taste good but because the Chicken was amazing! As soon as I got home, I had the RSVPs re-printed and was so worth it! See pictures below. If I would have had my choice without tasting I would have chosen Salmon & Chicken b/c I seldom eat red meat, but had to meet in the middle with the FI. However, I think the Beef my #2 was even amazing followed by the Chicken #1. The presentation of all three choices are well done. In my opinion stuffed Chicken is more delicate to make, but someone may not like seafood at all. The Beef had some pink, like I said I don't eat red meat much but tolerated this taste. Then again, chefs do not cook beef well done but always leave a little bit of red or so I've heard a time or two. Sending it back would only be an insult to the chef. Just so you have an idea we have 50 Chicken requests and 39 Beef requests (excluding children plates) and still pending on some last minute guests. Some of my guests have been to The Royal and tasted both Main courses and 11 want Chicken and 10 want Beef. Hope this helps with outweighing your choices! Chicken breast Casablanca stuffed with seafood & covered with almond sauce. The seafood is Salmon, shrimp, & imitation crab. After and Before pictures. Salmon fillet varnished with sauce bearnaise au red chili Beef fillet with Dijon mustard varnished with Provencal herbs.
  5. Hi! We have created a slide show to play during the reception when guests are eating or until the DJ makes us switch the mode. Also, we plan on bringing our digital frame to place at the the sign-in table with the same slide show. We've put everything just like you have in mind without focusing on too many solo pictures, instead including all 94 guests as group pictures we have taken throughout the years. I used some pictures family and friends have on facebook, some I had, and requested guests to email me pictures. I can't remember exactly what the projector rent fee is, maybe $250, but I know there is a fee. However, guess this fee doesn't really pertain to your case, but just helpful info for other brides. We are taking our own projector and Ipad (and laptop as back up) and will be using a wall in the ballroom since our reception will be inside. If you don't have a projector you may want to price them and see if buying one is more cost effective than renting one anywhere. Another option is purchasing a large digital frame which also cost a couple 100usd I think. So if the whole projector idea is wiped out I will have the digital frame and/or vice versa. Hope this is helpful!
  6. Hi Maggiedinh, I don't know if you had your ? answered, but I will try #1 and #2. 1. I am not sure if you will be able to transfer to other people, but you don't have to use the services on the day of the wedding. I am getting my make-up done on Thursday for the Welcome Cocktail Hour and hair on Saturday for the wedding. My cousin is doing my make-up on the day of the wedding. 2. I think the answer is No, but confirm first. I tried to move the photographer on Thursday for the Welcome Cocktail and was told I can only use him/her for the Ceremony. I have the Ultimate Lux Package and is clearly stated on my package list that the photographer for the Ceremony. So I think you may get the same answer . . . . but it doesn't hurt to ask. Rocio
  7. Hi Julietisurs, I bought the chair bows from Arne's Warehouse in Houston. I am not sure if they take online orders, but it is worth asking if it is worth it. They have a website www.arneswarehouse.com You can find the bows in assorted colors on the website under the "WEDDINGS" link, then go to TULLE, ASTD KIND." Just keep in mind the color you see online will not be that bright, since tulle loses its color when placed against white (see my pics). If Arne's doesn't work for you, check out Ebay, the prices are reasonable. Oh, and I re-did the math, I actually paid 95 cents/bow, not 89 cents/bow sorry :-) Either way, it's cheaper to buy them and bring them with you to the resort. The Royal charges $4/chair ribbon. rsosadpt
  8. I am going to add centerpieces for the One Hour Welcome Cocktail that comes with our package. I plan on using the same centerpieces for the Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, etc. They are very simple, yet want a nice touch. This is what I have in mind as of now: a clear vase, aqua vase gems, water, and orange silk roses in the water. I have discovered that you can buy the vases at the dollar store instead of paying $8 - $20 per vase at some stores and even on-line.
  9. Yay! Houston! July, huh? Heat chasing heat! Lol, the month happened to work for us since it is a holiday weekend and teachers are on vacation too. Sure do. I copied the info as written on their business card. Floreria Sac-Nah Address: 30 Ave. Mz. 119 Lt. 1 Esq. Calle 16 Col. Gonzalo Guerrero Telephone: 873-0259 or 803-225 Email: sacnah@hotmail.com This flower shop sales single stems too, but I think you will have to give them a heads up on what exactly you will need about one week prior to the date. The reason I say this is because I asked them how far in advance I would have to tell them if I need more flowers and that is how they responded. Good Luck!
  10. Hi Brides and Grooms, I keep reading that everyone is using Marvin for flowers. I went to PDC in January and found Floreria Sac-Rah by Angeles and Silvia really close to The Royal. I don't think there is a link to Marvin, so this may be another florist option for those looking. I have attached a pre-wedding centerpiece the florist put together as a sample, the centerpiece is actually on The Royal's ballroom table with their table clothe. The orange runner (it's actually a chair bow! 89 cents) is mine, I plan on crossing two orange runners. They quoted me $35 per centerpiece versus $90 - $100 at The Royal per centerpiece. They require a 50% deposit and seemed really flexible. That same day I put the down payment and have everything in writing from them. They mentioned that they sometimes do flower arrangements for The Royal. It was worth paying the outside vendor fee for us since we have a large party attending our wedding. However, I wish I wouldn't have told my WC about having this outside vendor and wish I could just have my mother and aunts pick up the centerpieces from the shop or meet the florist outside the resort. Anyway hope this info helps!
  11. Hi Roza and Congrats! I am getting married July 7, 2012 and am trying to catch up with all the helpful messages before posting tons of questions. We have the Ultimate Luxury Package and paying an additional $350 x 2 for two outside vendors. My FI would rather pay these absurd fees to avoid any problems with the resort, but I keep trying to find ways for cutting our total cost. I understand that the resort makes tons of $$$$ from destination weddings and feel like they are taking advantage of the situation. For example, I have my eye on an outside photographer, want to book them a room for one night, put them on our wedding guest list (I've read that other brides have done this in the past) and not pay the $350 vendor fee. However, the WC is telling me that if I bring my own photographer with a two night minimum stay (not one night), I still pay a discounted vendor fee of $280! That's not including the fee to add them as a wedding guest!! Anyway, I see you mentioned that the on-site coordinator seems more flexible to work with once you paid the full fee. Did you mean the full fee of your Lux package? Or full fee of your package plus all the other extras, like florist, DJ, photographer, etc? If it's just the package, then I am willing to pay it in full now to deal only with the onsite coordinator. Thank you in advance for any helpful information! Rocio
  12. Jozee84- June 15, 2011 JHarris - June 17, 2011 Sweetle- June 24, 2011 JenniferKuhr- July 1, 2011 Prettypigpig- July 4, 2011 Heidi82 - July 22, 2011 nikkiscriv - July 25, 2011 DeniDen - April 20, 2012 queenoftheu- May 19, 2012 Kate112 - June 5, 2012 rsosadpt - July 7,2012 Hello Royal Brides! Glad I finally found you. I have been planning this wedding the last 4 months and just discovered this forum. I hope I edited the list correctly. I look forward to learning and sharing new info.
  13. Jozee84- June 15, 2011 JHarris - June 17, 2011 Sweetle- June 24, 2011 JenniferKuhr- July 1, 2011 Prettypigpig- July 4, 2011 Heidi82 - July 22, 2011 nikkiscriv - July 25, 2011 DeniDen - April 20, 2012 queenoftheu- May 19, 2012 Kate112 - June 5, 2012 rsosadpt - July 7,2012 Hello Royal Brides! Glad I finally found you. I have been planning this wedding the last 4 months and just discovered this forum. I hope I edited the list correctly. I look forward to learning and sharing new info.
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