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  1. What did they charge you for the cocktail reception and dinner reception? How did the evening go?
  2. Thank you so much for the info. Have you made any other decisions? We get married in 41 days!
  3. Yes. I bought it. It came in a the beginning of July. I love it! It fits perfect, no spanx needed (I'm a size 12). Great built in bra and sippers up the back with the little button thingys.
  4. Here is my dress! We get married on October 3, 2012 at The Grand Palladium. I am trying to decide if I will wear a veil for the ceremony. If I do it will definitely be mantilla (long).
  5. Do you by chance hava a picture of what yours acually looked like? What color did you order?
  6. Do you by chance have a picture of what the maracas looked like??
  7. Were you able to go into town and find them cheap?? If so, do you remember how much they were and what they looked like?
  8. Caterina, My guest list is dwindling down some. We were at 43 people now we are at 38. I am sure a few more will back out. Is the food covered at La Laguna if you have less than 40 people? I read that on someone else's post. I am also using Graciela & DJ Bob.
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