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  1. Hi Princym, My name is varsha and I was previously an Indian DW bride at Riu Palace RM. I had found that the resort planners were not very helpful at a lot of resorts because they were not familiar with indian weddings and they were very tardy with correspondance so I took it upon myself to do all my own research and plan and coordinate my own wedding from A-Z. I have since started my own destination wedding company for Mexico weddings and offer all services from beginning to end including set-up, decorations, DJ, dancefloor, entertainment, hair and makeup, mehndi etc. If you still require assistance please feel free to email me at fairytaledestinationweddings@hotmail.com or PM me. Cheers, Varsha
  2. Hi Beach2013, My Name is Varsha and I was once a Indian DW bride. After planning and coordinating my own wedding from A-Z (because the wedding coordinators at the hotels did not know much at all about my needs) I decided to open my own DW planning company. I specialize in Indian weddings and offer everything from A-Z. Some of the services include Indian food catering, Mehndi, Horse hiring, DJ, Lights, entertainment systems, Indian style gazebo, hair, makeup etc. please PM me or email me at fairytaledestinationweddings@hotmail.com or kumar_varsha@hotmail.com Happy planning
  3. hi there, if you still need help with DW planning send me a message at fairytaledestinationweddings@hotmail.com
  4. Hi there, congrats on your recent proposal. I was an indian destination bride and now have started my own indian wedding planning business. I do everything from A-Z from mehndi to indian food, prewedding function decor, i provide all the indian accessories needed for the pre-wedding functions as well. You name it and I can provide it for you. send me an e-mail at fairytaledestinationweddings@hotmail.com and I can send you more information. Cheers
  5. Hi If you are planning a destination wedding in Mexico, we can help. Contact us at fairytaledestinationweddings@hotmail.com for more information. We planned a wedding for half the price of what the hotel charged.
  6. I can definitely help you. I have done this in the past. I was a Bride at Riu Palace RIviera Maya and am now specializing in Sikh weddings in Mexico. Please email me kumar_varsha@hotmail.com and I will assist you.
  7. hello, please email me kumar_varsha@hotmail.com regarding sikh weddings in mexico. i will be more than happy to help you.
  8. Hello, If anyone has questions about Indian weddings in Mexico please feel free to PM me or email me kumar_varsha@hotmail.com
  9. I am trying to attach files for you all to view but i cannot, please pm me or email me kumar_varsha@hotmail.com and i can help you!
  10. hi, im planning a sikh DW and am debating on a few different destinations... does anyones know pricing approximately for a sikh wedding/ reception in Mexico? about 40 guests? Any suggestions for venue? im trying to have something simple and elegant yet cost effective... thank you
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