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  1. I got an email today with all the new collections and updated prices for spa/salon. Just let me know if you would like! klepper.jennifer@yahoo.com
  2. How much were some of the items, like runners and chair sashes? I haven't seen any pricing fFro them at all.
  3. We are leaving on the 28th But let's keep in touch because I will certainly leave any feedback or suggestions I can to help! klepper.jennifer@yahoo.com
  4. I am brand new with a wedding planned on April 26, does anyone have any information they can share with me in regards to the details, options, locations and things of that nature? Our WC never responds and explained that I needed to wait until 60 days out before I review this. It's making me a little anxious!
  5. I am brand new to this site and found all of this thread very helpful!! Our wedding date is April 26, 2012, at Aventura Cove and I am such the planner that waiting to know details in driving me crazy! Does anyone have any information that they could send me? I am very nervous also because we have a VERY small wedding attendance, which is what we wanted, but not really sure how it is going to work. It will be just us and 3 other couples. Any ideas on how to arrange our evening/event? I would appreciate any help or information you can help with. klepper.jennifer@yahoo.com
  6. I am having the same worries as you! Our wedding is booked for April 26th and I was so sure I picked the right place but Tripadvisor has me panicking!