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  1. Jill! How very exciting that your wedding is just around the corner! Good luck with everything. I can't wait to read your review and maybe even see some photos. Katie
  2. Thanks for the review Andrea! Sounds like an overall wondful day and night. I am happy that you mentioned the Thursday Fiesta night thing. My FI and I are getting married ONE year tomorrow, and I think it falls on the Thursday. If not, we will make sure to watch the fireworks. Thanks again. Katie.
  3. Norma! Congratulations...you look so beautiful in your dress. You must be so proud of yourself, as you should be! You can see how much happier you look . Katie
  4. Hey, he is doing pretty good. Problem is is that we need his oncologist to tell us that what he sees in his scans and bloodwork is also good. My FI has an amazing mental and physical resilience, it is very inspiring and encouraging to be around. Cancers fickle though, so we definitely are looking forward to our appointment tomorrow where a plan, pathology and prognosis will be given to us. So nerve racking! Thanks for asking.
  5. Thanks for sending prayers and thoughts our way. I just looked at my post, my FI has been battling cancer since 2011 not 2012. We find out on Friday the pathology of the tumor and the treatment plan. Hopefully we will receive some good news finally. Katie
  6. Ladies, I just found out that my wedding planner will be Paloma. Has anyone worked with her yet? So many brides seem to have Jazmin (I'm assuming she takes care of Tulum brides). Is Paloma awesome too? Say yes! But be honest, haha.
  7. Crystalz, I am very sorry to hear about your uncle. Cancer is a terrible thing that nobody deserves. My FI is sitting happily on the couch right now watching curling match after match. His appetite is good, and he even ran an errand today. Thank you for your well wishes.
  8. Crystalz, I am very sorry to hear about your uncle. Cancer is a terrible thing that nobody deserves. My FI is sitting happily on the couch right now watching curling match after match. His appetite is good, and he even ran an errand today. Thank you for your well wishes.
  9. Hello... Congrats on picking a spot! My FI and I were supposed to go to the Gran Bahia Principe in Jamaica next Monday, but he had unexpected emergency surgery so we are now not able to go. It was for a vacation, not for our actual wedding. Two of our friends are still going, and I hope they absolutely adore what the chain has to offer. We are getting married at GBP in Mexico next year. I know that the PR division of GBP in Jamaica has been amazing and prompt with us, the one correspondent has even wrote to me to tell me that my FI was in her thoughts and prayers. So very sweet. Katie
  10. Hi Racheal, Thanks! I did not make them myself. I ordered them through Vistaprint. I considered doing a DIY STD, but honestly, with everything that keeps happening with my FI's health and me working full time plus care-giving, I knew that they would never be done. I wanted to give our guests at least 12-13 months notice. I really like the STD I picked out though! Super simple, with our wedding colour, which is also the same colour of the FI's cancer ribbon. I can't believe how inexpensive Vistaprint is. Most likely me and my artsy bridesmaid will make the invitations. I am just not sure what I want yet. There have been many cute inspirations on this site though! You are getting married very soon...you must be so excited. Katie
  11. Hello Ladies... My FI is home! So crazy...just lying on the couch like nothing happened. We do have to wait for the pathology to come back, so he may need to undergo radiation and more chemotherapy. He is just happy to be home with me and our dog. I stayed up late and addressed each and every STD envelope and could not be happier. I have to be optimistic and know that we will be married on the beach next March. Thanks for all of the kind words. The women on this forum are not only helpful and giving, but so generous with their support too. Me and another bride are considering starting a thread for couples that are planning weddings in the midst of illness. It feels wonderful knowing people read my post and sent a positive thought our way. Enjoy your planning and I am sure that I will have questions for you girls soon about wedding related issues!! Katie
  12. Okay Alicia! I am glad to know that my post gave you some energy! I love that!!! To make this thread, we should name it. Any ideas on the name? And by the way, I think that you are fantastic with words. My FI came home today. Only one day after surgery! Isn't that wild? He is sleeping, eating, laughing, kissing....I am amazed. We are still hoping that the cancer is secondary from his original cancer, rather than primary. Let me know what you think, and continue to thrive off that energy. You will make amazing things! Katie
  13. Thanks for the kind words... Graydon is in stable condition and might even come home today! Crazy considering he had brain surgery yesterday. I am fairly certain his prognosis is good because the tumor in his brain was not primary brain cancer. I am happy that people are sending positive vibes and prayer our way..every bit counts. Katie
  14. Alicia, Thank you so much. Your story is so inspiring too...maybe we should start a thread for people in our situations. I don't think that you should post-pone your wedding. So far we have not. My FI actually proposed when he finished an 20 aggressive chemotherapy session over the course of 3 months. Our wedding has given us something to look forward to. A silver lining of sorts. I must say, he doesn't so much as plan like I do, but I know he likes that I am all over it! I hope that your setback is only minor. I know it is hard being off work, as Graydon has also been off since April. I hope that you will keep me updated on your progress in regards to your health and planning. Just keep looking forward to that amazing week in paradise with a bunch of people that you love around you. Katie
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