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    Now Jade 2012 Bride

    Thanks so much! I sent an email but I'm just waiting for the reply.... lol the suspense is killing me! haha thanks again!! I truly appreciate your help.
  2. surferjenny

    Now Jade 2012 Bride

    Hi there! I'm really sorry to bother you all but I have a questions about the confirmation code email the wedding co-ordinator sent you. In the subject line of the email it says Wedding Confirmation: January 13, 2013 but the confirmation code and the body of the email says January 10, 2013 NO011013400. I'm semi freaking out because I really need the wedding date to be on January 10 and I've tried emailing my wedding co-ordinator but haven't got a response. What do you think does this wedding confirmation code match up with January 10 according to yours? Thanks again so much! I truly appreciate any help!
  3. These are amazing! I was thinking of doing a "Save the Date" just to "announce" that I'm doing a destination wedding. Thanks so much for the idea!! Absolutely beautiful!
  4. I'm considering having my wedding here but are the wedding prices much different from Punta Cana? Thanks for any information!
  5. surferjenny

    New to the Forum and DW

    Thanks so much for the tip! I'm slowly learning all of these tricks and I really appreciate all of your help everyone! I find that photography is pretty much the biggest decision for me also so I'm thankful to hear this!
  6. This is really unfortunate. I guess I won't be choosing the Paradisus now. Is there a list of preferred vendors? Or are we all limited to just that one photographer?
  7. surferjenny

    New to the Forum and DW

    Thank you all so much for the help! I guess I really have some decisions to make! It's a difficult choice for sure! Thanks so much again and all the best to you!
  8. surferjenny

    New to the Forum and DW

    Thank you so much for the kind welcome and the resources. I really appreciate it! The wealth of information on here can be overwhelming at times! Thanks again starchild
  9. surferjenny

    New to the Forum and DW

    Hi Everyone! So like I said, I'm new to the forum and the idea of a destination wedding. I got engaged around Christmas 2011 and now I'm in the planning stages! I know I DEFINITELY want a destination wedding (I guess that's half the battle) but now comes the difficult part of narrowing down a location and a resort. I really like the idea of the Riu weddings. My sister got married at the Riu PC in 2008 it was beautiful but the idea of being limited to the resort photographer bothers me, does anyone have any experience with this? Also, I'm looking seriously into the following options: 1) Paradisus PC Wedding-- I like how everything is already priced out (dinner incl.) 2) Sandals Wedding Packages-- Not sure where though. I also heard that dinner can be added for $50 pp. 3) Grand Sunset Princess Resort in Mayan Riveria-- I'm in love with photosincancun.com I like the TTD sessions Thank you for having such an amazing community! Such a great resource for someone who is feeling overwhelmed with all of the options out there!