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  1. HI!!! I just got married there in January, and would love to help you with any questions! I ended up hiring an outside wedding co-ordinator so I could bring in all my own vendors, not the resort "preferred" vendors - it worked awesome. I signed a contract with Monarch - before it was Diamond, and I spent DAYS looking over all the costs....I totally understand your sticker shock! I, too, fell in love with the chapel . We had around 100 guests and had a private party on the front deck of Javiers. How many people are you expecting? Let me know how I can help! This is a crazy exciting but also stressful time! Katie
  2. Hi Smithsquared! I just had my wedding on Jan 5th so I would be more than happy to help! I had 90 people, so we had our cocktail hour by the fire put and our reception at Javier's (I think there is a min # of people to have there but not sure?). We had a sit down dinner of filet and sea bass that came with bread, a salad, and a desert. They wanted $11 or something crazy per slice of cake so we just had them bring out the desert when we cut our small "grooms cake" at 10:00. That cake only cost us $100. As far as the contract goes, we signed the previous contract when it was owned by Monarch properties. I was scared to death when I read it also, I'm sure it is kind of the same. I can try and help answer some of your questions, trust me I had plenty! You feel like you are signing your life away! I also hired most of my own vendors, so can help answer any of those questions too! I flew my photographer down, so that's the only one I might not be help with. As far as Georgina, I worked with Maria and she was always pretty good about getting back with me. But sometimes it would be a day or two, but I found that's just how it is in Mexico. Happy to help you how I can. This is a fun but really stressful process so having just gone through it I totally understand!
  3. Neysa Berman is AMAZING!!! To start, she was responsible for myself, 7 bridesmaids, and a MOB - quite a task! One of the biggest things on your wedding day is sticking to the schedule so everyone is on time. Not only did Neysa keep all us crazy girls on time, but she finished early! Her team is also awesome - they go through extensive training to work for her, and will not finish until your hair looks exactly how you want it. I had an idea of what I wanted, but don't wear a ton of makeup, and my biggest fear was looking like a clown on my wedding day. I showed Neysa a few pictures of the look I wanted for makeup and let her go to work during my trial. It turned out incredible. She also talked me into doing liquid foundation - something I never use, and I'm so glad she did. My skin looked flawless in my pictures. I also changed my hair style from the trial to the wedding day, and she took it in stride and changed it to exactly what I wanted. My mother had a black eye from falling in an airport en route to my wedding, and by the time Neysa was done with her makeup it was completely covered up, and looked natural - not cakey at all. Neysa is experienced and you can trust her. She will take the time to understand what you want. I promise you cannot go wrong by hiring her. Thank you Neysa!!!
  4. Hi Lorraine! Sorry I just saw this! Are you still considering Cabo Azul? I hired an outside wedding coordinator - she has been filtering me all the outside vendors. I'm not sure if it's saving me any money, but more I know I'm not getting the "run of the mill" dj, flowers, etc. Let me know if you are still moving forward with CA and I can go into more detail Katie
  5. Hi girls! Wondering how your planning is coming? Any tips you found along the way to be helpful? Running into any issues? Katie
  6. Hi Ashley - Im getting married there Jan 2013! We have most of it planned, and I hired an outside wedding planner to help, so I know some about outside vendors, but not so much about the vendors Cabo Azul uses. We hired all of our vendors separate from CA - dj, guitar for ceremony, flowers, etc. I would be happy to help wherever I can! Only thing left we have to do is figure out food choices, without tasting them first. Did you by chance try any of the wedding food? Katie
  7. We totally want to do ours at Baja Brewery as well, but I've emailed them numerous times and nothing back. I just saw there was a phone number to call - I'm going to try that! I love the idea of chips and salsa before dinner - is this for your reception? I didn't know we had that choice - might look into I'm so glad Georgina is working so well with you! My coordinator did two family friend's weddings and she is amazing, and not super expensive, so to me she was totally worth it to help with some things in the planning stages and also to be there the "day of" so I can focus on being a bride! Thanks for the photographer info - I'll be sure to tell mine that tip! How big of a wedding are you having? Who are you using for flowers? Or how about DJ? We are thinking either Daryl Currie for ceremony and cocktail hour and DJ Alex for reception, or DJ Mijares for both (he plays guitar and DJs). OH I hear you on the perfectionist thing - I'm being such a control freak by hiring my own vendors
  8. MikeandMew - I started the process of trying to sign the contract in February, but just signed it last week. I was just frustrated that there was nothing in the contract about "non authorized" vendors...I had no clue such a list even existed. And they are sticking to their guns - no Suzanne Morel. I'm actually bringing my photographer with me from the US - OH that makes my day about the food! I have been to the Javiers in Newport - LOVE! I wasn't sure if it would be the same (or same chef) since this was in Mexico. Thanks a million for the tips on what was good! Did you try any appetizers? We did a site visit in Feb, but were just looking at that point so didn't do any tastings, this is great information! I've heard the Javiers salad is amazing - thanks for confirming! Are you hiring an outside coordinator or having Maria do it all? I hired one and she is the absolute BEST. She is helping me with our grooms dinner and welcome party which we are bringing off site since CA wants $18 for smores - not happening. SO good to connect with another CA bride! If you have any suggestions or ideas - let me know! I'll do the same!
  9. UGH! I totally feel your pain! I am getting married in January 2013 and was also just informed Suzanne Morel cannot come on the property. I have a deposit with her but I think she will get it back to me, my wedding coordinator is working on that. I didn't even know a "list of non authorized vendors" even existed until a few days ago. Funny thing is - Suzanne had no idea she was blackballed from the property either. Its tough right now because all their policies are changing and we are all caught in the middle...and with the lack of communication. I even contacted Grace at the US offices and she said there is nothing she can do, either. SO FRUSTRATING! Has anyone tried the Javier's food? We are going to have to pick our food without tasting and would love some input on what was good and what to stay away from. Thanks!
  10. Oh I SO feel your frustration! I am having my wedding at Cabo Azul in January 2013 and the lack of communication has been SO frustrating! I am working with an outside wedding coordinator who is helping calm my nerves (she is amazing, let me know if you need one), she said this is TOTALLY normal. As she said "a day of no communication from mexico seems like a week in bride world" SO TRUE. I have been stalking Maria via email for my contract, hope to get it soon. As far as the vendor fees - you are right. I think this is new, according to other past Cabo Azul brides. I am bringing my photographer from the states with me, so am forced to pay the fee, UGH, but good news is that opens me to bring all my other vendors in to save some money - like flowers, DJ, etc. Sounds like I can save some money doing this, but it will be some work coordinating on my own. I am nervous as well, but my wedding coordinator said not to be, this is typical business in Mexico. Let me know if you find any good tips along the way, I am all ears!!!
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