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  1. Hi Jennifer! I got married at Melia (as you might now they share a common area with Paradisus) and Arrecife is their official photography provider too. They do not ask for a deposit, they take your word as a confirmation. The are gentle, ant they really care about what you want: your tastes, desires and expectations about your wedding pictures. Then at the moment of buying, they show you several options and packages, so will find -for sure- one which fits your needs. Anyway they are always open to modify their packages if you need to add or change anything. About paying in cash, I found it very common at the Dominican republic -no matter the kind of service you are paying for- they always give you a better discount if you pay in cash, I guess that is why they suggest you to do so.. You will really love your wedding pictures! we have received a lot of clompiments.. Share some of them with us! and happy planning! Pete
  2. Yes, the photography provider for Melia is called "Arrecife Studio" (I think it means "reef" in spanish), they took pictures for my wedding 2 days ago, I can't wait to see my photos! Lynn -my beloved one- and I will have a meeting this afternoon, at Arrecife's private showroom inside the resort. They said we can go with our closest ones, so our parents will be there with us. That's great because my parents are buying the pictures as a wedding gift. I will publish some images as soon as I get them!
  3. Just perfect

    Pros: The hotel is cozy, people is warm, the food excellent
    Cons: The ceremony day is a rush! they push you to leave the gazebo (after ceremony) too fast
    I stayed at Melia for my wedding. Our closest ones came to celebrate with us, and everybody had a great time. The WC was gentle and helpful. The only thing we did not like was the rush everybody had to get us out of the gazebo, after the wedding ceremony was held. I understand they might have some other events to attend, but we wanted to make a toast and take some pictures with familiy and friends, and felt little pressure from the organizers. besides from this little thing the rest was perfect.
  4. Amazing job!

    Pros: So professional, kind, careful about your needs and preferences
    Cons: The day was a little gray -not their fault- however, we could not have asked for better pics!
    Big thank to the staff of Arrecife Studio!   My photographer -Rodrigo- was excellent, he really understood what we wanted from our wedding pictures. I am a DJ and I really wanted something candid, with movement, nothing posed, and the pictures came out just as we wanted them to be!   The photography coordinator -Valeria- is sweet and kind. She had a lot of patience with everything, giving prompt response to every mail we sent months before the wedding, while arranging the details of
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