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  1. Marvin was amazing and there is no outside vendor fee - when you order flowers through Cecilia she goes to Maya Floral as well. Contacting Marvin directly was way easier so I did it that way as well.
  2. Hi! We rented the petate walkway which seemed to be so-so for heels. If you are worried about it I would splurge and go for the solid wood walkway instead. Keep in mind however that you will be walking along a wooden path (looks like a narrow deck) along the beach to get to the ceremony location, which is way tricker than the petate aisle. I watched another wedding where all of the bridesmaids wore heels and it looked pretty painful. We had about 20-30 minutes between the ceremony and cocktail hour - basically enough time to do a champaign toast, take a few photos, say hi to a few people. Our guests went up to the gazebo area ahead of us and we stayed behind for more pics and then joined everyone later. We had the Mexican trio and they were amazing. Everyone loved them. I didn't bother listening to them before as I was pretty set on the Mexican trio from the beginning. They performed during the cocktail hour for about 40 minutes. Hope that helps! Jen
  3. Hi girls! Just wanted to share our highlight video and some photos of the day. The resort is truly beautiful and Cecilia is fabulous. She will guarantee your day is perfect. Video was created by Moho Creative: Photos by Fine Art Studio: http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/oqeypopups.php?oqeyid=213 Please feel free to ask me questions about the resort, vendors, my experience, etc., and I will try to help! I plan to do a review of the external vendors we used as well as the resort at some point....hopefully this week. Jen
  4. Hey guys, So just wanted to give everyone a quick update. We've been at the resort for 2 days and it's really beautiful. The service is great even though the resort is at 98-100% capacity. The Italian and Japanese restaurants are fantastic. We've met with Cecilia a couple of times now and she's been great as well - very attentive and happy to make all of our last minute changes and requests. We spend a good portion of the first 2 days doing wedding planning stuff - to be totally honest I've been pretty stressed out since we arrived - we made lots of changes and had to attend to last minute details that I ran out of time for back at home. Whoops! Anyways, it all seems to be coming together now. The weather has been a bit of a concern. Even if it doesn't rain it is very windy here at night. I am freezing actually, so if you're especially weather sensitive be aware! We decided to move our reception from the Gazebo to the world cafe restaurant because of the cold. Its a beautiful room so I'm happy with that. The ceremony is still on the beach (weather pending of course) and the cocktail hour is in the gazebo. Anyways, that's it for now! Let me know if you have any questions that I can answer while I'm here! Jen
  5. Thanks Beach Bride!! Ya I'm thinking I might have to splurge on the wood isle. Does anyone have info about renting a tent? I can't seem to get a straight answer from Cecilia.
  6. So as long as the weather holds out we are having the ceremony on the beach, cocktail hour on the beach and reception at the gazebo. Flat sandals the entire night - I'm bringing 3 pairs and will probably decide the day of;). I rented the petate aisle (it looks like wicker) - anyone know if you can actually walk in heels on that thing? My sister and mom want to wear heels down the aisle so I'm thinking I might have to go with the wood aisle instead? Hair and makeup by Norma (MAC artist) and a hairstylist who's name I am unsure of. Photographer - Fine Arts Studio, Videographers - Moho Creations 55 guests in total menu - no idea yet but we're sticking with the gold menu - any advice? flowers and decor rented from Planner 1 Events and Mayan Floral - wood tables with matching tiffany chairs, lanterns and lots of battery operated candles - pretty simple. Hmmm...those are the main details I think. If anyone has any final words of advice please send them my way! I leave this Sunday.
  7. Thanks Lola and Cri!! I'm just being an anxious bride at this point...hopefully I'll relax once we get there
  8. Sweet! Thanks Cri! Any idea which restaurant is closed on Thursdays?
  9. Hello ladies! My wedding is on December 6th and I have been checking the weather frantically trying to assess the whole rain situation....it looks like rain is in the forecast almost every day over the next couple of weeks!! EEK! Cecilia keeps mentioning "backup plans" but then doesn't specify. Does anyone know what she's talking about? Anyone else getting married in early December and freaking out like I am?! Jen
  10. I got them from batteryoperatedcandles.net but you can also find them at Costco (if you're looking for t lights) for an even better price. I might go and buy some more as my guest list keeps increasing;)
  11. Hi there, I can answer a few of your questions... From what I've read there isn't a ton of lighting at the gazebo and people usually add some more lighting. Candles would look beautiful but you may have to look into battery operated ones (that's what I'm doing) because of the wind. I think you should do one long table for your group. I personally love that look. The gazebo will be too small (I think) to sit 15. Best to leave it for the cake cutting.
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