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  1. Hi Melissa, Luisa and her team helped plan our wedding in Playa Del Carmen on 11/23/2012. She was fantastic, was so patient and helpful throughout. completely dependable and reliable. I can say so much more!!! message me if you'd like to talk more! Congratulations to you - and hope your planning is going well!
  2. Hi Everyone, We are less than 2 months away from our Wedding at Tres Rios (11/23/2012). I finally visited a few weeks ago and saw all of their locations. The Resort is more beautiful than I thought! OK, now down to some other nitty gritty. Brides who held their Reception or Rehearsal Dinners here: what florist did you use? Any recommendations on lighting? Who handles it? by the pool terrace, it's easy to string up paper lanterns, but by the beach.. what did you do? and what DJ did you use? I've been trying to get an answer from Allibe, but haven't heard from her in a while. Any help past brides here can provide would be sooo much appreciated!
  3. Hi! I'm interested to know this too. Please let me know what companies you've used for the photobooth. Thanks!!
  4. What a great picture aquabride! It looks amazing! Has anyone ever done a fire show or a fireworks show at HTR? If so, please share any info you have!
  5. Can't wait to hear more details. I'm booked for HTR in November 2012. I feel like I can finally relax now that that's done and the photog is booked!
  6. Thanks Ceelou. We saw Grand Coral as well as Blue Venado. I think we're going to have to pick between those two. Yes, we do have a planner. Did you try the food at Grand Coral?
  7. Thanks for your help Ceelou. JazzFest seems to take place at Mamitas - which is next to both Mahekal and Kool. I'll check out TripAdvisor right away! Where are you getting married?
  8. We were just about to book our wedding & reception date at Kool, when I realized the annual JazzFest will be taking place at the same time next door at Mamitas. Does anyone know about this festival? does it get crazy? Has anyone been next door to Mamitas at Kool or Mahekal when JazzFest is taking place? It's a 3-day long festival in November and I'm hoping that besides the noise - it doesn't cause a problem with booking hotel rooms, lots more crowds, etc. If anyone has information on this, please share!! thanks!
  9. Hi! Do you mind resending / reposting the menus you received from Al Cielo? They don't have them up on their website and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Thanks!!
  10. Hi! I'm considering this place too. My fiancee and I are going the for a tasting today so I'll let you know!
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