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  1. I got mine on eBay 26$. It had a metal comb which was nice. It came from China but not one of the specific bridal sites.
  2. I got mine on eBay 26$. It had a metal comb which was nice. It came from China but not one of the specific bridal sites.
  3. @allalala here is me in the original and the mid production photos that jasmines sent
  4. Well I can't speak for any other companies but I went with jasmines and LOVED my dress. I would totally recommend them. They are pricier than most others but the quality shows. Plus you get photos along the way and you have to approve the dress before they send it. If you plan on spending 600-700 you may even be able to buy one from jsmines and one from another seller. I got my dress for 450$ and it was only premium grade. I was almost exactly the same as the original. I'll try to post comparison pics.
  5. I don't know if your question is general or if it was specific to a certain dress shop. I bought my dress from jasmines bridal. They have great reviews and pics of actual dresses they have made. They have wondeful customer service and one of the big reasons I chose them was that u don't pay in full. You pay half initially and they send u production photos, which some places dont, and they don't send it and u don't pay the final payment until u are satisfied with the final product. I was a little concerned about fit but I knew u wanted a corset back and that would help. They do it custom to your measurements which is awesome and you can just get alterations if necessary for size. I did try on dresses before which I am so glad I did. The dress I bought was not what I thought I would have picked until I tried it on. However if u r planning a knockoff and try on dresses keep in mind they are replicating it and may not be exactly the same. I had an open mind and knew I just wantwd that same look as the dress I tried on, it didn't have to be the same. Also when u vcimmunicate with the company be very specific with what yoy want. Use paint to draw lines and atyff on your dress. They usually haven't seen the actual designer drss they go from pics. Sorry this is so long hope it helps! Good luck!
  6. Donna your dress looks amazing. I especially live the way the bottom flows to the side. Congrats
  7. I wasn't sure about the crinolin at first either. But the one jasmines sent wasnt really puffy. It was a hoop so it just pulled the skirt off my legs to keep me cool and kept the shape of the skirt when I moved. They do sell cheap ones on eBay if u decide to go that route
  8. no problem! Good luck. I hope get a dress u love. I was thinking of selling mine but every time I look at it I love it too much! I don't know if u tried on the original but I did want to tell u I had jasmines do the corset all the way down. In the original it went part of the way then zipped. I thought it would leave more room for error and I live the corset look. Jasmines were great for me about fixing things during production. Just order early so u have plenty of time. Good luck again!
  9. I was worried about doing a replica too! I knew it could never b the exact same and was looking for the same overall look though. I was happy with my dress. It's awesome u found the original for such a good price! Are u going to wear a crinolin or just the dress?
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