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  1. Hey All! Got to Now Sapphire today for our anniversary trip! We were met by Anel and Ramin at check-in and were once again given outstanding service! I love this place! Today everyone was welcoming us home! It really does feel like home! We saw many of our favorite employees from last year including Jorge the bellman and Hugo our favorite buffet server! They actually remembered us! If feeling at home is important to you, you can't go wrong with Now Sapphire. <3 this place!
  2. Aww! Thank you! The flowers on the arch were from the resort's florist. They were about $125 (if I am remembering correctly) and we felt worth every penny. Since we orderd them from the resort, Ramon and his staff hung them for us.
  3. Ramon didn't say a thing! I did use them for the flowers for my cake and chuppah so they did get a little extra money out of me for flowers. Ramon understood that I was watching my budget closely. I just let him know the rest of the flowers were taken care of. It would be no different if I had gone to a flower shop down there, purchased flowers, and arranged them in my room. They just won't let outside people on the resort with out a fee.
  4. Hey Ladies! I finally got off my lazy, happily married butt and wrote my review. Here it is http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-sapphire-riviera-cancun/reviews/7361 It is rather long, but I wanted to be thourough. Plus, there are tons of photos! Don't forget, I am heading back to Now Sapphire next Thursday to celebrate my 1-year anniversary, so if you guys want any specific photos or anything else, just ask! Happy Planning!
  5. We should meet up for a cocktail! My email is erica.thornbury@gmail.com and cell is 502-727-3221! I'm giddy with excitement!
  6. Hey Ladies! I haven't been on here in awhile! Life got busy! Anyway my hubby just went to our travel agent and booked our one year anniversary trip! We leave for Mexico 2 weeks from tomorrow. I'm so excited! I can't believe it has already been one year and that I am going back! We'll be at Now Sapphire June 20-27. If anyone needs anything while I'm there, let me know!
  7. Hey everyone! I haven't been on in awhile, so I thought I'd chime in on a few topics. We sent our invitations before finding out that we could give two meat options, so our reply cards just said beef or vegetarian. Once we selected the 2 meat options, we contacted our guests that selected meat and gave them the choice of beef or duck. We gave Ramon a seating chart with tables, names, and food choice. On the backs of our escort cards we wrote B, D, or V to indicate it for the servers. I didn't see any food being auctioned off, so I was very pleased. We got special kickbacks from the groups department with the number of rooms we had booked. For each night that we had 5 rooms booked and paid at double occupancy, we recieved the 6th room free for that night (up to 3 free rooms per night). All of our guests arrived and departed on different days, so the number of free rooms we earned varied day to day. Many of you were asking about switching to one of the Dreams properties after the wedding for your honeymoon. We considered that too. We only stayed at Now for 4 nights (Thursday-Monday, with a Saturday wedding). Because we were very tied up doing family things the whole time we were there we knew we would not be able to use some of the inclusions of the divine package (breakfast in bed, couples massage, dinner on the beach, etc.). We asked if we could transfer to the Dreams resorts and take our freebes with us since they are sister resorts. We were denied and told that we not recieve any kind of special upgrades or treatment at Dreams just because we had been married at Now. I was quite offended, so we transferred to a completely different resort in a different parent company for our honeymoon.
  8. I suggest separate. The reception is already set up before the ceremony and there probably won't be enough time between ceremony and reception to make the switch. On tequila terrace your guests will see the reception set up as they are being seated for the ceremony.
  9. For having our wedding at Now, we received up to 2 free anniversary nights with a minimum 7 night stay over our first anniversary. We stayed at Now Sapphire for 4 nights (Thursday-Monday) using the room credit we earned through our group booking. On Monday we went to a different resort (adults only) for a 7 night honeymoon stay. The second resort was an El Dorado property (which I do not recommend). We had to pay for our stay, but found a FUNJET promotion of $1800 for two people for the 7 days. The catch was we didn't know which El Dorado property we were assigned until one week before we were scheduled to check in.
  10. We did not have to pay an additional fee at the resort as he was a guest of the resort. We flew him in for 3 nights and 4 days. We talked to about 20 photographers until we found the right one. Many were interested and willing to do it in exchange for the trip only and others wanted us to pay them on top of it. We became known in the local photographer circle as the "Mexico couple" lol! I suggest going to bridal shows in your area and speaking to photographers whose work you like. The free room promotion we got was through the group benefits in group booking. The promotion was 1 free room for each 5 rooms booked per night with a limit of 3 free rooms per night. The fine print was very confusing, but all in all we earned 8 nights worth of free room credit.
  11. We brought our own photographer with us from the US who has been doing weddings for 17 years. I wanted to have more control over the work and I was scared to use a Mexican company for fear that I would pay them and then never hear from them again once I returned to the US. My photographer took over 2400 photos during the weekend and was with us the whole time and documented every part of the weekend. Our photographer was willing to do our wedding in exchange for the trip to Mexico. With as many rooms and guests that we had booked at the resort we earned 8 free nights at the resort (check your group benefits in your contract). We used 4 of the nights (we spent 7 nights at a different resort for the honeymoon), the photographer used 3 nights, and we got a reimbursement check for the other night once we got home. Basically we brought our own photographer for the cost of a plane ticket. We got rights to all the photos, an engagement session, and a Graphistudio 40 page album. The photographer got to use our wedding for his portfolio (he aspires to make destination weddings a big part of his business) and he got a beach vacation for a few days. It was win-win. Our wedding package included 24 prints from the resort photographer. Since we were denied exchanging the photography in the package for something else all together we decided to have the resort photographer capture cocktail hour. Our photographer was going to miss cocktail hour anyway. To be honest, the photographs weren’t particularly polished. For example, there were pictures of other people taking pictures. Here is alink to the resort photographer's work. You can judge for yourself. http://erikaanddaniel.nowsapphire.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/s7-slideshow-2/
  12. I want to clarify something for those of you discussing the two polls on Tequila Terrace and the hanging of lanterns above the dinner tables. The poles are not stationary and you must rent them at an additional expense. You can hang lanterns above the dance floor area for free if you provide the battery operated LED lights. Here are some photos from my wedding. I had 26 lanterns and ordered them from justartifacts.com They have tons of colors and sizes and are very affordable. I had two sizes and two colors, but had 26 total. I used two lights in the larger lanterns.
  13. Hi Ladies! I've been reading your questions and thought I would chime in. 1. Don't hire the resort DJ. He is terrible. He only plays music and doesn't MC. I had to tell him to play some slow music to get the older people involved. I had to tell him to cut the music for the cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss. I had to take the mic and announce the cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter toss myself. I hired him to help keep the party going and he certainly did not. Thank God I only hired him for 2 hours, but what a waste of my $777! 2. Don't plan on going to the club to party, especially if your wedding is on Saturday night. The whole resort was rocking on Friday night. Everyone was out partying both in the lobby bar (with the live band) and in the club. Saturday night the place was dead, everyone turns in early to pack and get a good night sleep before their flights home on Sunday. This was true for the wedding guests too, fyi. Of course, if you have a large enough group you can bring the party with you wherever you go. By the end of my reception at 10:30, we were down to about 8 people out of the 33 guests we had (not much of party no matter where on the resort property you go). Hope this helps!
  14. Like HeatherViolet, I also used Flowers by Lucy. I loved her and my flowers were beautiful. My guests commented on their beauty and freshness. My centerpieces were like $30 each and bridesmaid bouquets were $20 each.
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