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  1. Don't worry about it.....she's awesome!!!! I wish she could do my makeup everyday!
  2. Hi everyone, To answer some of your questions: We didn't have a private reception because we only had 37 people. We just had the semi private dinner at Uncle Tony's. It was more like fully private because no one else was in there the entire time. We used the resort's DJ and he was just meh. He's fine if you just give him your ipod and have your playlist ready. But if you don't, he doesn't have many songs available. I was told he would be able to download any song he didn't have so I didn't bother bringing my ipod. But after I talked to him, that wasn't the case. So, after about a half hour, my husband ran back to the room for the ipod. He didn't make any announcements or say anything at all. If I had to do it all over, I would either bring my entire playlist and ipod or use someone else. The only outside vendors we used were Roan Robinson for our photographer and Rashel Edwards for makeup. Roan was great! He did arrive a little late but that wasn't his fault. The hotel was giving him problems with the whole vendor fee thing. But other than that, he was awesome! Rashel was amazzzzzing!!! I highly recommend her!!! She did my makeup and all 3 of my bridesmaid's makeup. She was super sweet and did a great job. The makeup lasted the entire day! As for the timeline, the wedding was at 4:30, but didn't arrive there until about 5 since the photographer was late. The ceremony lasted about 20 minutes. After that was the champagne toast and picture time. At 5:30, all of the guests headed up to the Bob Marley Terrace for the cocktail hour. Dinner was from 7-8:30. The cake cutting was right after dinner at the Steakhouse. Then we went back to the Bob Marley Terrace for dancing from 8:30 until 10:30. And then some of us went to the disco. The whole day went sooo fast! It was everything I imagined though aside from the crappy DJ. Hope I answered some of your questions
  3. Hi everyone, We just got back yesterday from our wedding/honeymoon at the Beach. It was amazing!!! The WC, Santena, was great! We met with her the night before and made most of the decisions then....it was no problem! They really are very organized and know what they're doing, so there's no need to worry if they don't get back to you right away. Everything was perfect....except for the DJ.... Let me know if anyone has any questions!
  4. I was just wondering if anyone had their reception on the Bob Marley Terrace at Iberostar Beach? I haven't seen any pics of receptions there, just weddings. The WC said I could decorate with lights and paper lanterns, so I wanted to see if anyone did this?
  5. Well, we do have to pay $400 for the dinner, but she didn't say anything about paying for the terrace. The way the WC explained it to me was we will have the restaurant for 1 1/2 hours and then they open it to the public. So, I guess that's where the $400 comes into play. I'm not sure how long we're able to use the terrace for or how long we'll be able to have the DJ there. I'm guessing it's only until 10:30 or 11 though.
  6. I'm sure the photographer will be great! We were there last year and had the photographer from the resort take some pics of us and they turned out amazing! So, don't worry about your choice We just sent our final details in too. Oh, that's so nice! We ate at the Cajun restaurant last year and it was soooo good....but all of the food at the resort is great! Are you staying at the Suites too? We were planning on having a private dinner and reception but we don't have enough people So, we're just going to have a private dinner for 1 1/2 hours and then move to the terrace and have a DJ up there. I know!!! I can't believe it's a month away. I remember when it was 300 days away....I have a countdown on my phone
  7. I just asked the WC about that yesterday.....the rehearsal dinner will count but the wedding dinner won't.
  8. Yes, his work looks awesome and he's gotten great reviews! Did you try to email him about availability? He's usually pretty fast with his responses. I haven't been given my wedding time yet, but just from reading through this thread, it looks like it's either 4:30 or 5? Are you doing a private dinner and reception? I'll def look out for you too
  9. I just talked to the WC at the Beach and she said I can't have a private reception because we only have 35 people and we need a minimum of 40 people. I thought we only needed 30 people? But anyway, if we can't have a private reception, we're going to have the dinner at Uncle Tony's and then we wanted to either rent the terrace or have a bonfire, did anyone else do this? And are you allowed to have a DJ?
  10. Hi Rebecca, We're using Roan Robinson for our pictures. He's been great to work with so far and is verrrrry reasonable! Also, We're getting married the day before you at the Beach! I still have so much to do!
  11. OMG, I just had to share this with you guys! I emailed the WC at the Beach and got a response within 2 hours!!! I couldn't believe it!
  12. It's so frustrating dealing with the WC's there! They take forever to respond and then when they do, it's usually one word answers. No, the bride & groom don't have to stay at the same hotel. We're either staying at the Suites or the Grand....hoping for the Grand though! The only thing I'm not sure about is before the wedding and where to get ready? I have a makeup artist coming and I don't know if I tell her to come to the Suites? Should I book a room at the Beach for the day to get ready? Or maybe they would be nice and just let me use a room for a couple of hours...haha.
  13. I had this same issue....we're getting married at the Beach, but most of the guests are staying at the Suites. I was freaking out because I read the same thing in the contract. So, I emailed the WC and she assured me that as long as the guests are staying on Iberostar property, they would be considered a guest of the hotel. Hope that makes you feel better
  14. I was actually thinking about doing separate bags for the single guys. I guess I could put a bottle opener and a koozie in them. I don't know what else though! I did find these binocular and cell phone flasks haha.
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