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  1. Hey Girls! I just got back from my wedding at the Royal! Everything was FABULOUS! Everything ran soooo smoothly and I would love to live it all over again! We had 64 people at the wedding and it was amazing! If you have any questions let me know! The only problem we had was with the outside vendor fees, I tried speaking to a manager while we were there and was very stern about it, but they would not budge. I had to pay the $350 for my photographer, videographer, and make-up artist! Huge rip-off. We used Fernando from make-up pros as our make-up artist and it was totally worth it! He does and AMAZING job and we fell so in love with him, we wanted him to come to the wedding! We also did the buffet for our guests which was set up beautifully! So sad to be back, but don't worry about the small stuff girls, your wedding will be wonderful!
  2. Hmmm ok My favors were def more than $300 dollars. I will have them in 3 separate bags though, hopefully I can have different people carry them through customs and it won't be a problem ?
  3. Hey Ladies~ Does anyone know what the rules are as far as bringing favors and stuff for your OOT bags to mexico and going through customs? Do we just need a receipt to prove that we purchased it?
  4. This may have been answered all ready, but does anyone know how many people you should plan to seat at a table?
  5. Hey Girls I have a few questions for all of you, that may have already been answered, but was wondering if some of you can help me out, 1. Are all of you having to pay the $350 dollar vendor fee for each of your outside vendors? We are using four outside vendors, the florist, photographer, DJ, and make-up artist. I can see paying the vendor fee for the DJ and Photographer, but the Florist is just going to drop of the flowers, and to pay and extra $350 dollars on top of what the make-up artist charges just seems outrageous to me. To have to pay $1400 in fees is more than our wedding package costs alone! Did anyone have a make-up artist meet your somewhere else? Is there anything else we can do to avoid the fees, HELP!!! 2. I know someone already mentioned but has anyone done the Buffet at the Royal? We are having about 70 guests at the wedding and like the idea of having a variety of options for people to choose from. My Fiance and I went and visited the hotel in September and did a food tasting for the wedding and were NOT happy with anything they gave us to try! I was crying during the food tasting because I really want the reception to be nice! The food at the restaurants was good but the food they gave us for the tasting was terrible! The Filets were completely raw in the middle and after sending it back to have it fixed it was no better! We decided to do the buffet so at least if one of the items was bad people would have other options! Any thoughts on the buffet?
  6. Hi Sherry! It's so crazy how many people are getting married the same weekend as us! I think we picked the most popular weekend of the year! We luckily got all but 4 of our guests booked at the Royal! Thank god! The price that they charge for guest passes for people staying at the Gran Porto to come to the Royal is outrageous! Not to mention that you have to pay more money per plate for them at the reception! That's good that you are having a small wedding though! How many are you expecting? Where are you having your ceremony and reception and at what times? The hotel is going to be filled with wedding-goers that weekend
  7. Hi Jessica Anne~ My Name is Christel, and I'm getting married the same weekend as you! And we are going through the same thing! I decided to join this site to see if any others were having the same problem. We must have picked a very popular weekend My travel agent has been trying to get the last of our guests booked, however the rooms as you know are sold out Originally we thought about moving the wedding to the Royal in Cancun, since our guests would still be able to keep their same flights, and it actually would be closer to the airport. But.... We already have 60 people booked at the Royal so changing the hotel/or date (according to my travel agent) would be a nightmare for that many people, and is not an option. Plus we just need about 5 more rooms or so and then we will have all of our guests booked! We are going to have the rest of our guest book at the Gran Porto and hope for the best that the few of them will be able to upgrade and come stay at the Royal or just buy guest passes! Ahhhh how stressful! I wish we were smart like Deniden was and had our travel agent reserve extra rooms, but we never imagined this many people would actually make the trip out to mexico! Either way, everything will all work out for the best!