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  1. Just received my Jasmine's dress and it looks cheap and is unwearable and I am so disappointed. With only 3 months until my wedding I am out $850 and out of time... Part of the problem is I tried on the original designers dress and it just doesn't compare, not even close. I ordered from Jasmine's since Lazaro discontinued the design I had tried on and fell in love with, so I wanted a replica. It looks so cheap and I paid for all the extra upgrades to ensure the best craftsmanship. I am out of time and out of $$ now and don't know what I am going to do for my wedding dress! Take my advice and buy locally, so you know what you are getting...! Don't do it!
  2. AmberM

    LeBlanc 2013

    Hi! I'm getting married at the gazebo too! I know it's small but so is my wedding...plus my shoes and my train won't fair we'll walking down a sandy aisle. Would love to see your photos. I'm also a November bride!!
  3. Is Pictures in Cancun the same studio as Photos in Cancun? I am looking into them as well since their prices are much cheaper than Del Sol. Do you have to pay an outside vendor fee for them? I know with Del Sol I would only have to pay for two day passes but with Photos in Cancun I am afraid the fee with make it not worth it. Are you doing all day coverage? Thanks! Amber
  4. So sorry to hear about all the water problems you ladies had to deal with. That is so horrible! I have another question for you all... I was planning on using the resort photographers (with resort credit to save money and not have to deal with the hassle of fees and getting an approved vendor) but after looking into it, they don't seem great at all. I actually started to panic thinking and I am beginning to realize photography is a lot more important to me than I thought. I contacted Del Sol and fortunately they are still available. Although they are budget busting for me, I am looking into booking Jonathon or Melissal. Anybody else use them? Del Sol told me we only have to buy day passes for the photographers and that they are an approved vendor (no outside fee). I like that there will be no extra fee, but that is still a lot of my budget. Do you ladies think booking Del Sol for 5 hours is enough coverage? As long as we get a few pre-ceremony getting ready pictures and then on the other end at the reception the cake cutting firs,t dance, ect. My end of the night party reception pictures are not as important to me as we aren't having a band or DJ, and I will only have about 16 - 24 guests. Plus we are taking our guests to Coco Bongo for a late night after party (most of the dancing will probably happen there.) Also, I was thinking I would get the Signature Package but now that my photography expenses are much greater that anticipated, I will probably downgrade to the Zen Garden. Anybody had that package? Do you think they will substitute decorations at all? I don't like all the chocolate and green (my wedding color is navy blue). Do they allow any substitutions in their packages (ie white chairs instead of brown, harpist instead of violinist, blue plates instead of green, videographer instead of photographer???) If anybody has any experience with Del Sol or the resort wedding packages please let me know! THANKS!!!!!!
  5. Hi all. I am getting married 11/22/12 and am experiencing a lot of frustration in planning. I was switched wedding coordinators out of the Miami office like 6 times. My latest was Silvia and she gave me absolutely no more information than the standard wedding brochure (and made me feel dumb for asking). I've requested more information about vendors/pricing, and cermony/reception location, onsite photographer (since they are making it really unaffordable to get our own). Instead of sending me anything, Silvia just sent me an email saying that as of July 1st, everything for weddings will be handled by the wedding office in Cancun instead...?? Still no answers and supposedly someone from Cancun is supposed to contact me in the next few weeks. Since getting a hold of anyone so far out of the wedding dept has been so hard (it has always taken them sooo long replying to emails or phone calls, not to mention I never really get my questions answered) I have little faith that I will be contacted anytime soon... Anyone else having trouble with them? I would think for how much money my guests and I are spending I would have a little more peace of mind. If anyone has anymore details about vendors/pricing ect I would LOVE to get it from you... Has anyone had a good experience with the onsite DJ/musicians/photographer ect? Also, what locations are you choosing for the ceremony/reception? I was leaning toward gazebo wedding and one of the terraces for reception (I won't be visiting the resort before the wedding). THANK YOU!!!!
  6. Thanks so much for the review. I am a November bride...can't wait to see your Del Sol photos!
  7. Hi all! I am a Nov 2012 Le Blanc bride. What time are you all having your ceremony? I just switched my wedding date so that I could have a 3pm ceremony and am trying decide if I made the right decision. The sun will set at 5pm so I want to have enough day light for a cocktail hour and pictures before dark.
  8. Great tip about booking through the membership. I am definitely going this route! Thanks so much. I got $477/night!
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