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  1. Watjol, It almost sounds like something has changed since our wedding in November. Making you have certain photgraphers. I however am not sure. We had Blue Lense and it was no problem. I just purchased a day pass for this. To tell you the truth my travel agent coordinated everything with the resort. She was like the middle man, but she made sure she got everything in writing. It seemed with her being a travel agent she was maybe able to be a bit more pushy? If it's the miami office telling you no on anything I wouldnt count it out. Is it Wilma the resort coordinater telling you no? If so, I'm guess something has changed since our wedding. Shannon
  2. Wisa2178, The light up dance floor was awesome. It was a total hit with the guests as well. We also did the dry fireworks they offer that went off during our first dance. DJ Mannia is who we used. Here is the link. http://www.manniacancun.com.mx/Site/Index.html We had our reception in the North Solarium, but before I had been debating between that and the beach. They did say the dance floor would be no problem to be set up on the sand. Shannon
  3. Traci7642- Playcar was amazing for children. The staff were really attentive to them. LOVED them. Greated them by name. The pool has a shallow kids area, and of course they loved the beach. I would totally reccomend for kids. I havent been to any of the other Palace resorts so cant compare it to those.
  4. Lola2012- We chose the harpist for the diamond package and he was great. You just pick a song and Wilma makes sure he can play it or if he doesnt get's the song early enough to learn it. I think you could choose from Guitar, harp, saxaphone, violin, and maybe a few others. Does your DJ have a light up dance floor? That would look awesome on the beach! Armbands....Yes, wasnt to thrilled to hear that only the bride and groom could take the arm bands off, but our were tan and you couldnt see too much in the pictures. A few of our guests hated the bands anyways so they stretched them out and were able to slip them on and off as needed. You'd think for a wedding they'd allow all armbands to come off! Smsspringer13- Our reception was at the North Solarium. We had the same amout of people, 30. We had 8 to a table for the round tables and then made a head wedding party table with the rectangular tables. We had chosen the light up dance floor with our DJ that we brought in so the tables, dance floor, candy buffet, dinner buffet, private bar and a guest sign-in table seemed to fill up the space nicely. Reesespieces- We had the minister and thought he did a awesome job. We just went tradition and felt he did great. You do have the choice to provide script if you 'd like. One thing I was surprised by was the sound system during the ceremony. I was asked if I'd like it so the minister could plug a microphone into it. This was and extra $250-$300 I believe. We went with it and were glad we did. Had we not the guests wouldnt have heard much and it probably wouldnt have been captured as well on the video.
  5. Watjol, An option I used for my bridesmaids was I ordered off of etsy. Worked out great and I got something more original than a flower bouqet. It's hard to explain but they were like a circle ball with shells all around it, then added ribbon and some gems in our wedding colors, they carried those. It was also a cheaper option. Just had to pack them and bring them down with me. It was a fun change!
  6. Watjol, An option I used for my bridesmaids was I ordered off of etsy. Worked out great and I got something more original than a flower bouqet. It's hard to explain but they were like a circle ball with shells all around it, then added ribbon and some gems in our wedding colors, they carried those. It was also a cheaper option. Just had to pack them and bring them down with me. It was a fun change!
  7. Ziki, I used Blue Lense Caribe. They were great! We did the Dimond package. We paid for it with the resort credit. Just know that if you do choose a package some items can change and I wouldnt listen to anything that the WC in Miami says you cant do. 99.9% of everything they told me was wrong! For Example we had the diamond collection which was white and silver. Didnt match my colors. They let me subsitute red. Nothing seemed to be a problem for them to handle once on site. I was shocked when every quetsion I asked was "yes".
  8. We had our wedding on the beach. Our pictures are amazing. We had our wedding at 4pm. On occasion there may have been a picture with and extra person in the background, but for the most part there werent. Our photographers seemed to have worked around it. Also, I dont know who your using but when I did my photographer research it seemed as though lot's of them had the ability to crop those peole our when the photos were edited. We go over 2,000 pictures. I dont think there are even 10 with odd people in the pics.
  9. Wilma's email is wzahoul@palaceresorts.com She is very easy to work with. We were able to bring an outside photographer. All we had to do was purchase a day pass. We had more than one photographer with the package we purchased so in our case we paid for two day passes for the photographers. There were no issues. I've said it once and I'll say it again anybody going with the resort photographers included with the package or otherwise will be sadly disappointed!
  10. We did the Carribean Buffet for the rehearsal dinner and the Mayan or Mexican Buffet for the wedding reception. They were both good, but the Carribean was the best. Everyone kept talking about it. My cake was 3 tier. Chocolate, White, and Carrot. I only tried the carrot portion and it was really good.
  11. Lola, Send me an email and I'll try to dig up the Diamond Collection. I had the same package. I was able to do the package and pick my colors. So instead of white chuppahs and silver sashes like stated in the Diamond collect, they let me do the ruby red chuupahs with ruby sashes. So, I'd think they'd let you change. I paid my Diamond Collection with my room credits since we were staying for so long. If it were coming out of my own pocket I think I'd go with the comp. package and add to it. Also, Wilma the wedding coordinator is AMAZING. We brought down all our own stuff for the reception. Candy Buffet, table runners, center peices, maracas, name placards, ect. We brought probably 4 totes to her for the reception. We had someone point her in the right directions with instructions on the items and she set it all up. It looked amazing. Of course we tipped her well at the end. For not much contact it really was a breeze! We had 27 people. Ginta14, I'll get back to you on the florist. They were super cheap! Shannon
  12. I used Doranna. Just do a search for her and it'll pull up her website. She was amazing and FAST! She came to the hotel room and there was no charge for a day pass. I brought in a seperate lady for make-up as well. No charge. We used Blue Lense Caribe for our wedding. Amazing photos!! Flowers for the wedding. I didnt go through the hotel. Way over priced. There was a flower shop just up the road. We went to them and had them deliver the day of the wedding. Bars stay open until 1am. Like the previous post come midnight there really arent many people out and about. Our favorite was the Luna Lounge, it was nice and air conditioned and Josue is the BEST!! We were married 11-12-11. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at shannonguitard@hotmail.com
  13. Smspringer- l'll be there on the 30th and will try to get you some pictures. I am having outside vendors for our reception. Also, if you bring in a DJ they dont tell you until the end that they will charge you a $250 resort fee for electricity. I am also bringing in a hair stylist and maek-up artist for the wedding day. I was able to get them to waive the day passes on these people which makes up for the electricity charge. Communication back and fourth is slow,but no worries. Between this forum and doing research you can usually figure out your answers. The contact picks up mostly 30 days from the wedding date. They've done thousands of weddings and there are so many reviews other than lack of contact I havent read any bad reviews. They know what their doing
  14. Lola- We'll be there on the 30th of October. I can check it out then. We're spending a week at another resort prior. If it's like any other safety deposit box I dont see why it wouldnt fit, but I'll check it out Even if not in the safe I doubt anybody would mess with it. Also, just notified that they do have rectangular tables. Waiting on demensions...
  15. 72" should be fine for the table runner. That way you get a little over hang on the sides. I am just going with table runners/center pieces. I've chosen the North Solarium for my reception.
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