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  1. No the Presidential does exsist and we almost picked it bacause I thought it was beautiful and very private from the pictures, but our group was way to big so it wasn't suiting. I think that's a good choice, we are going to double think everything a million times regardless
  2. Allie, That's a tough one, I don't know what to say this whole thing stresses me out!!!! HELP!!! Also I'm starting to read forums from way back and I'm getting stressed out!!!! I picked the Fuentes Gazebo for my ceremony, because I lived the greenery around it...but now I'm thinking I should have picked Gazebo 55...also I choose Tucanes for my private reception but I'm concerned it may be too hot and the health bar might be better????? I need someone to help me that's been there PLEASE!!!!
  3. Hey Allie, Its better to hold more rooms then less because although you have to put the deposit down for the seats/rooms that will go towards your cost of your trip if you don't have that many guest. It's not the rooms at the resort you have to worry about its the seats on the plane. We reserved 30 and our travel agent gave us an additional 20 for booking through their travel agency and an additional 10 for booking through air Canada vacations. That gave us 40 but we lucked out because we have 52 confirmed but seats were still open when they booked... That said I just found out today three more guests tried to book and our plane is full, so they have to fly out with another carrier that's more money or on another day that is also more money..so it's better to be safe then sorry... I hope that helps!
  4. Hey, Thanks for all the tips ladies...very helpful!!! I was pretty calm but until this point but now I'm getting pretty stressed with all the details. I'm thinking I'm going to go with the plain white shears for the ceremony and my colours will be bright pink, white and green for the flowers. I'm thinking about the bridesmaids going with pink....has anyone looked into the chair covers and the cost, I was going to skip them to save money but I'm not sure at this point now. Angi, can I get the floating candles through Lomas??? As I think the only ones I saw on the website were like $100 each and I'm guessing I would need alot. Any other tips for decorating the Tucanes would be helpful as I have no idea what it really looks like, lol.T This forum is making me feel a little better as we are all in the same boat
  5. Hey Ladies, I'm also getting married this year at the El Dorado on May 30th....I choose to opt for the destination wedding as one here was going to cost me an arm and a leg. I'm starting to seriously stress about all the little details as it's so hard when you have never seen the property. I choose to get married at the Fuentes Gazebo because I loved the all greenery, but I don't hear many brides that choose that ceremony location...any comments as my second choice was Gazebo 55...To follow my recption will be at the Tucanes and I'm going for the Deluxe BBQ....I emailed my wedding coordinator Natalia as I was nervous about the size, because my guest list has some how creeped up to over 50 guests...she told me it was ok as it was just recemtly renovated to a bigger palapa and can hold 60 guests. Has anybody seen or used this location as I'm nervous about size...If anyone has any comments to help me with suggestions or pointers that would be amazing!!!