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  1. I just got married July 13th, I got married on the beach and there were people there. I will say i was afraid of that as well but it actually was rather nice they all stood up when I walked down the aisle and clapped when the ceremony was over. I did hold a vow renewal for my parents while I was there and held it in the garden. It was pretty but as for privacy.... don't fool yourself it is across a sidewalk from the gym and about 10 steps away from the front lobby. I think you will be happy with either location but no matter what there will be people around so follow your heart and have what you really desire.
  2. I just got back from my wedding last Friday, I would imagine that the beach would be similar in June to July. It was great the water was an awesome temperature, the sand was not too hot, it was nice and breezy for the wedding. The only slight downside is the water has alot of seaweed in it but it isn't slimy gross seaweed. I was really afraid it was going to be too hot but it was really amazing.
  3. Leila, Wow! I had thought about doing that and I guess I definitely have to do that right now!
  4. Thank you girls for responding, Maridr2012, thank you for the advice! It sounds like you are having a much better experience than I am. Leila29, This is exactly what I am dealing with. when I email her there is no response, it is very frustrating and she also is quoting me prices on the wrong items. Thank you for assuring me I am not going insane
  5. Well I am nearing the two month mark and have been making a lot of progress on my planning. I have 43 guests coming and the number is still growing. I had my planning call last week with Cemone, she was not really that helpful and seems to really lack a personality. Is anyone else dealing with her? I have spent hours scouring the internet, pinterest etc. for ideas for my wedding so that it will be exactly what I want. I sent her photos and I feel like she is not really understanding my vision, hard to misunderstand when there are photos provided. She is slow to respond and has quoted me prices that seem outrageous, for instance I wanted to upgrade my bouquet and was given a 200 dollar price tag, This coupled with the 160 dollar price for each centerpiece is really pretty crazy. she has failed to quote prices on any other flowers, like the bridesmaids bouquets. I am really frustrated. In fact she sent me an email yesterday which I responded to and she just never answered, so I had to call her today and she seemed to not know who I was and as I was asking her questions she replied well I didn't open your file on my computer. When I called and said who I was she could have said hold on while I open your file so I can answer your questions. At this point I am beginning to worry about planning something from so far away, I also feel like I see how people can turn into a bridezilla. I chose to do a destination wedding because I am a laid back person and I feel like I am starting to go crazy!!!!! If anyone else is dealing with her and has experienced the same thing lease let me know so I know I am not crazy!
  6. Thank You so much! It is not a corset, it has buttons up the back. I can't wait until mine comes in this is the sample dress from the store.
  7. Thank You so much ! It is not a corset it has buttons up the back. I cant wait until mine comes in! This was the sample in the store.
  8. This is Marilyn's email- mcairo@paradisusromance.com. I do think that this is an insane policy. They should offer more than one preferred vendor if they are going to charge an outside vendor 1000 dollars.
  9. Ladies after reading the posts about the new policy on outside photographers I emailed Paradisus and got the following response : Hi Janine – Allow me to quickly introduce myself…my name is Marilyn and I am the Romance Desk Manager for Paradisus Resorts. I received your email from Cemone and would like to offer the following clarification, with regard to Paradisus Punta Cana’s new policy/fee for outside photographers/videographers. · Effective new weddings booked at Paradisus Punta Cana, in 2012 & onwards, any photographer/videographer company wishing to capture pictures/video of a wedding at Paradisus Punta Cana, will incur a fee of $1,000 and this fee is paid by the company, not the client. · The client is only responsible for paying the day pass fee ($120 per crew member). · However, these fees do not apply when using the resort’s exclusive photographer/videographer company – Arrecife. · For weddings booked at Paradisus Punta Cana in 2010 & 2011, such as the case with your wedding, the fee for an outside photographer/videographer remains as $120 (per crew member), paid by the client. The outside company will not incur any additional fees…as the wedding was booked prior to the new policy taking effect. I can certainly appreciate the level of concern this new policy may have caused on your part and truly apologize for any inconvenience or discontent experienced in this regard. Unfortunately, there has been some misinformation shared with our clients, by outside sources, which has been disseminated via email and on blogs and has raised concern with many of our valued brides. Rest assured, Paradisus Punta Cana is diligently working to clarify the new policy, in order to avoid any negative feedback. More importantly, congratulations to you and Vincent and we thank you for allowing Paradisus to be part of your special day! Kind regards, Marilyn Cairo Romance Desk Manager, North America US Representative for Paradisus Resorts Dominican Republic & Mexico This cleared up my concerns and hopefully yours.
  10. I would think that if you have already put down a deposit, prior to January 1, 2012, that this policy would not apply to you. I am curious as to whether this $1000 is for a year as previously mentioned. This is frustrating as I booked my wedding at PPC in October and am also using HDC. I have deposits down for both. Please keep us posted on any news.
  11. This is a review of:

    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

    The best decision I made for my wedding

    Pros: Creative, beautiful work. Excellent communication, quick production time.
    Cons: none
    I got married July 13th 2012, I am not someone that loves standing for posed pictures so I was feeling nervous. From the second I met Miljan he put me at ease. His eye for detail was amazing he noticed a note mt fiance had left for me on the bed and photographed it. He effectively captured the personalities of my husband and me and all of our guests. I decided to do a trash the dress shoot and the pictures are so incredibly beautiful I can't stop looking at them. We got the crazy trash the dr
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