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  1. Name: Tabatha (FI is Felix) Location: Beaches Sandy Bay Wedding: June 30, 2012 in JA: 06/27/12 - 07/03/12
  2. Name: Tabatha (FI is Felix) Location: Beaches Sandy Bay Wedding: June 30, 2012 in JA: 06/27/12 - 07/03/12
  3. I just got a phone call today - I'm now on my third wedding planner for my wedding in June - this is just crazy. 1st Chole, 2nd Shane and 3rd Dexter. I don't understand what is going on and it's making me very nervous. Has anyone else had their wedding planner changed?
  4. Who is/did your hair - I found someone local but they are alot more expensive - of course I'm paying a lump sum for my hair and makeup
  5. So here are some photos of my bracelet, my shoes and my headpiece that I decided to go with to accentuate my dress - I'm not going to wear a necklace at all. Thanks for all the feedback.
  6. Whoops - let me try again getting these photos inserted again.
  7. I finally picked up my shoes the other day for my wedding in Negril, Jamaica. We are doing the Gazebo so I choose a low heel so I'll be comfortable but I wanted to bling my shoes a bit and all my jewelry and shoes have a flower theme (going with the tropical/destination theme). Here are some photos of my shoes.
  8. Here are the clips for the shoes that I bought (pics to come) - I think that they go with my headpiece - pics to come of the bracelet!!!!
  9. I found my head piece at House of Bride in Oak Lawn (suburb of Chicago). The manufacturer is Symphony but I don't have a style # and haven't been able to find it on their website. However I can hook you up with my sales consultant if your seriously interested in the head piece.
  10. Thank you ladies for all the compliments on the head piece. I bought my bracelet - I will get pics posted soon.
  11. My hair is short just above my shoulders so I'm not sure what I'm going to do - I'm letting it grow out for now and I'll see how it is when it gets closer to the wedding.
  12. Here is the tropical flower that is part of my headband - I'd love to find jewelry to match. Any suggestions/ideas? Here is a pic of my dress:
  13. These are the shoes that I'm considering - they have the tropical/beachy look and I'm going to put crystals on the heels from another picture that I saw. Here are my wedding shoes that I'm thinking about buying. And my flats afterwards - even though I'm considering the heels the whole time - opinions??
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